The top ten death defying places on Earth (part one)

The top ten death defying places on Earth

With Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner smashing several world records for his death defying leap from the edge of space, we here at the Expathub wondered where the most extreme destinations can be found for thrill seekers.

Here is our list of the top ten most death defying places in the world;

Mountain Bike the Grand Canyon (USA)

The Grand Canyon isn’t called ‘Grand’ for the sake of it. The massive geological feature offers spectacular views and is home to host of daredevil activity. The brave can even opt to bungee jump into it! For those thrill seekers that want a longer death defying experience and a chance to take in the beautiful sights of the area then mountain biking around the canyons northern rim is for you. The 36 mile long bike trail brings you to the canyons edge and will test even the most skilled riders. Excursions of the North Rim take place every May-September.

Cliff Diving Acapulco (Mexico)

Now this is dangerous. Cliff diving from the beautiful cliffs of Acapulco is one of the purest extreme thrills you can experience. Lacking cords, clothing requirements, or any other specialized equipment, cliff diving leaves you with only two elements to rely on: your body and fate. We suggest you watch as one false move and you could end up severely injured or even dead!, if you just have to give this death defying sport a go then make sure you follow local advice as they know the area well and have jumped the cliffs for generations.

Bungee jumping off of the Contra Dam (Switzerland)

For fans of James Bond the Contra Dam needs no introduction. This imposing structure featured in the opening credits to 1995’s Goldeneye and saw everyone’s favourite secret agent bungee jumping from its summit. You too can do the jump, if you have the nerve. The jump will see you falling 720ft down the face of the Dam before rebounding upwards giving you spectacular views of the lake below. Contra Dam is the highest permanent free-fall bungee jumping spot in the world.

Ice climbing (New Zealand)

If snowboarding and skiing don’t satisfy for desire for some icy thrills then look no further than New Zealand’s Fox Glacier. With peaks over 10,000 feet, Fox Glacier is one of the few glaciers in the world that is connected to a l rainforest. It’s also easily accessible; 8-9 hour climbing tours take you vertically through the glacier’s many steep walls. This exhilarating ice sport requires ice picks and crampons, but no previous experience is necessary.

The world’s steepest rollercoaster (Japan)

The Takabisha rollercoaster is the steepest rollercoaster in the world. Rising like a towering monster in the shadow of Mount Fuji, this World record breaking ride was designed solely for the fearless and downright crazy. It features a series of nerve shattering drops, stomach churning twists and turns and soars down the track at a speed of 100km/h. Takabisha’s biggest trick up its sleeve however is the pants wetting, world record breaking, 43-metre vertical plunge, a drop that is guaranteed to scare the most stoic of expats.

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