Nations with the lowest cost of living in 2013


Nations with the lowest cost of living in 2013

The current economic climate has made making ends meet difficult for people from across the globe, but residing in a nation with a low cost of living can make a real difference to the quality of life you are able to afford.

Previously we brought you a list of the nations with the highest cost of living, estimated based on 367,958 data entries compiled by Numbeo.

Numbeo’s results are based on an index of 48 goods and services, including the average cost of basic food stuffs, utilities, clothing, accommodation and travel.

To see how the nations with the lowest cost of living compare (in a way most people can relate to!) we’ve included the price in Pounds Sterling of one the goods in the index, a MacDonald’s combo meal. Numbeo’s data estimates that in the UK a MacDonald’s combo meal costs an average of £5.00.

An important thing to note is that a nation’s cost of living is generally proportional to average income. A nation with a low cost of living is likely to offer low wages in the majority of sectors.

10 – According to Numbeo’s findings the nation with the tenth lowest cost of living is Macedonia. Here the average MacDonald’s meal costs £3.43.

9 – Indonesia comes next, a nation where you can pick up a fast food fix for £2.36.

8 – In Bangladesh a bottle of coke will set you back just 25p and a litre of milk is half the price it is in the UK, so although a MacDonald’s meal is £3.18 the nation still has the eighth lowest cost of living.

7 – Egypt, the nation where you can sail the Nile, see the Pyramids of Giza and pick up a Maccy D’s for £3.18.

6 – Vietnam has become an increasingly popular destination for Gap Year travellers in recent years, possibly because they can buy a MacDonald’s for £2.14.

5 – Numbeo’s results show Bolivia to be the country with the World’s fifth lowest cost of living, and a place where you can grab a MacDonald’s for £2.81.

4 – In Algeria a Big Mac and chips is sold for the small price of £1.99.

3 – Nepalese cuisine might be gaining in status worldwide but enjoying a traditional meal in one of the nation’s mid-range restaurant will only cost you £1.50. A MacDonald’s, on the other hand, is relatively expensive at £4.98, but Nepal still has the third lowest cost of living of the countries included in Numbeo’s surveys.

2 – Pakistan is the country with the second lowest cost of living.  Considering a month’s rent within the city centre averages at £80.37 spending £3.18 on a MacDonald’s might seem a little extravagant!.

1 – And the country with the lowest cost of living is… India! A MacDonald’s, at £2.15, might cost the same as 8 and a half loaves of bread but the nation comes out cheapest over all.

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