World’s Best Food Festivals (Part One)


World’s Best Food Festivals (Part One)

If you love experiencing the cuisines of other cultures check out our list of some of the world’s best food festivals – one might be taking place near you!

Dresden Stollenfest – Dresden, Germany

Some people might think that dedicating a whole festival to a kind of cake is going a bit far – but those people just haven’t tried Stollen.

In Germany Christmas breads have been an important part of the festive season since at least the 15th century, with Stollen even being mentioned in a document dating back to 1474.

The sweet, spiced pastry has evolved a bit since medieval times but retains its iconic shape and layer of white icing sugar.

Stollenfest in its modern form has been an integral part of the festive season in Dresden since the early 1990’s. During the festivities there are Christmas stalls, music and performances, the ‘Stollen Maiden’ to admire, and a giant stollen weighing between 3-4 tons.

The giant stollen is baked and paraded through the town before being cut at the Striezelmarkt (the oldest German Christmas fair) and sold to the crowd. If you’re getting to that age where the Christmas period fills you with dread, visit Stollenfest for an instant shot of festive cheer!

Festival Del Mole – San Pedro Atocpan, Mexico

Holy Mole! If you love Mexican food (and mole in particular) your life just won’t be complete until you go to the Festival Del Mole, held annually in San Pedro Atocpan in the Federal District.

If you’ve never had mole before, it’s a savoury sauce flavoured with chilli and chocolate and a staple of traditional Mexican cooking.

During the Festival dozens of restaurants open their doors to diners looking to sample one of the hundreds of dishes and mole variations which have sprung up over the years and stalls selling mole pastes line the streets. Other items for sale include traditional Mexican sweets, hand carved cooking wear and handicrafts.

And once you’ve eaten your fill and bought more souvenirs than you can carry there are still games, bullfights, rides, dancers and rodeo events to enjoy.

Malmofestivalen – Malmo, Sweden

Food, music, culture and even some sun – you won’t want for anything at Malmo’s famous food, art and music festival.

From the 16th to the 23rd August over 70 food vendors, 60 market stalls and plenty of cafes serve up a huge variety of world foods and a range of local specialities to over a million visitors.

And while you’re munching on all those delights you can take in some artwork and listen to bands/ musicians covering every genre from Mexican mariachi to Swedish folk music!

Malmofestivalen has been going for nearly thirty years and was recently awarded the ‘Green Festival’ award because of the way its organisers conduct their business and show respect for the local environment.

Singapore Food Festival – Singapore

If you’d like to sample all Singapore’s regional specialities, learn about the nation’s history and participate in unique experiences then visit the nation in July and enjoy the famous Singapore food festival.

For over 20 years visitors and locals have been making the most of the huge range of events and activities held during the festival, and as they take place all over there’s bound to be something on no matter where you’re visiting.

As well as traditional and Peranakan dishes, the cuisines of China, Malay, India are prepared on food stalls, in restaurants and at cooking demonstrations/classes.

Other highlights include food carnivals, tasting sessions and an abundance of Chilli Crab, Singapore’s unofficial national dish.

At this epic event you can develop an in-depth perspective of how the various cultures present in Singapore have shaped the nation’s cuisine, and whether you’re an aspiring Asian chef or not it’s simply a must visit.

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