Which world cities offer the best quality of life?


Which world cities offer the best quality of life?

While many people move overseas for work, adventure or retirement, others go with the simple hope of enjoying a better quality of life.

Numbeo, the largest platform for user contributed data in the world, calculates a city’s quality of life by looking at factors like its crime rate, the quality of the health system, the affordability of housing, pollution levels and the city’s cost of living/purchasing power.

This is Numbeo’s most recent list of cities with the best quality of life, as based on data provided by over 76,000 people worldwide.

The QLI figure is the number achieved by the cities on the Quality of Life Index, as calculated by Numbeo.

No 25. Toronto, Canada – QLI 171.06

No 24. Brisbane, Australia – QLI 171.20

No 23. Montreal, Canada – QLI 175.65

No 22. Stockholm, Sweden – QLI 175.73

No 21. Cape Town, South Africa – QLI 176.19

No 20. San Francisco, US – QLI 177.23

No 19. San Diego, US – QLI 180.53

No 18. Doha, Qatar – QLI 180.84

No 17. Belfast, UK – QLI 181.65

No16. Chicago, US – QLI 182.13

No 15. Victoria, Canada – QLI 182.60

No 14. Trondheim, Norway – QLI 188.01

No 13. Boston, US – QLI 188.42

No 12. Bergen, Norway – QLI 191.28

No 11. Hamilton, Canada – QLI 194.49

No 10. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – QLI 195.49

No 9. Austin, US – QLI 199.52

No 8. Hamburg, Germany – QLI 201.55

No 7. Calgary, Canada – QLI 202.72

No 6. Edmonton, Canada – QLI 208.74

No 5. Munich, Germany – QLI 210.24

No 4. Berlin, Germany – QLI 213.50

No 3. Adelaide, Australia – QLI 214.61

No 2. Canberra, Australia – QLI 219.15

And the city with the best quality of life in the world?

No 1. Zurich, Switzerland – QLI 233.72

Of the 25 top ranking cities six are in Canada, five are in the US, three are in Germany and three are in Australia. Only one city in the UK made it this high up the rankings, and only two European capitals cut the mustard.

So what about some of the world’s other major cities? Let’s take a look at where they rank in Numbeo’s listings.

Sydney, Australia – 28th with a QLI of 162.95

Tokyo, Japan – 34th with a QLI of 147.86

New York, US – 42nd with a QLI of 125.82

Madrid, Spain – 44th with a QLI of 119.61

Lisbon, Portugal – 52nd with a QLI of 108.25

Paris, France – 54th with a QLI of 97.86

London, UK – 63rd with a QLI of 83.67

Milan, Italy – 75th with a QLI of 62.40

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