What to take and what to leave

Moving to the other side of the world is a huge decision to make and there are so many things to think about and arrange. One of the hardest choices to make is deciding what to take with you for the big move. Hiring a respectable global removal firm is strongly advised as sending a lifetimes worth of stuff is a tricky business.

Electrical goods

Electronic goods such as toasters, kettles and stereos are fine to take with you as Australia uses the same electrical voltage as that found in the UK. If you’re planning on emigrating from places such as the US it’s a good bet that none of your American bought goods will work without an adaptor. Australia and Britain use the PAL system whereas the US uses the NTSC system of voltage.

TV’s are slightly different however. Because the sound signal used by Australian TV is different to that of the UK you may get a picture but no sound, it’s advised you invest in an Australian video or DVD recorder so that the signal is fed through your TV, otherwise it may be easier to buy a new Aussie TV. Satellite decoders and dishes are more than likely not going to work in Australia so it is a good idea to do some research before you pack it up. Items that use batteries will work fine, however to be on the safe side it may be an idea to invest in a plug adaptor.

DVD players will often only work if it is designed for the right region. For example the U.S is region 1, Australia region 4, and Europe region 2. It may be possible to purchase a region free player from an electronics store.

Mobile phones are likely to work if you’re bringing it in from Britain. If it’s an American cell phone then there’s a good chance it won’t, due to different signals. Before moving you should ask your phone company to check if it will work, if not then just get a new SIM card when you arrive.


Generally it’s not worth the hassle to bring any vehicles to Australia. A combination of import duties and taxes are very expensive. Unless, the vehicle is very special or vintage it’s probably easier to rent or buy a new vehicle upon arrival. All imported vehicles have to comply with the Australian customs rules and this can also be very expensive.


Don’t take any food with you. Most likely it’ll go off or be seized by customs upon arrival.

Household goods

Before sending your household goods into storage and transportation it is strongly advised that you clean each item thoroughly, preferably steam clean. This enables them to pass customs and quarantine quicker and easier. Good quality furniture is quite expensive in Australia so it is a good idea to bring as much of your own as possible.

Aside from the items listed you can bring every else over, moving into your new home on the other side of the world with your furnishing and goods makes it a home away from home easier.

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