What do Expats miss most about the UK?

You’ve taken the plunge, packed your bags sold your home and boarded the plane. Sunshine and a new life abroad awaits, hopefully after a few months you’ve embraced your new country and thrown yourself into the culture. Thoughts of home are bound to enter your mind at some point with some people realising that they miss the UK despite the weather. Many people start their dream move without a second thought, but as soon as doubts and thoughts of home enter their mind they pack up again and go back home to the UK. So just what are the things Expats miss the most?

Friends and family

An obvious one, but one that many expats mistakenly believe they can live without. There are many stories of expats living on the other side of the world, rushing back to the UK to be with family members they left behind. Thanks to modern technology such as the internet and video phones you can easily keep in contact with people from thousands of miles away. Communicating via technology however cannot prepare you for when things go wrong.

No one wants to think that their relatives will get ill or injured but once it happens there is nothing worse than being thousands of miles away from a loved one. Missing friends and family members is the main reason expats return back to the UK.

To be serious about such a drastic move you have to be prepared to deal with leaving your loved ones behind.

Ask yourself; are you prepared for this, can you live without them?

The food and drink

You may not think that you would miss British cuisine; after all we’re often told that other country’s food is better and healthier. Curries, pasta, tapas etc…, But if you’ve been living in a new country and all you have had to eat is the local food then you may start to yearn for the food from back home. The foods that are missed most by expats include roast dinners, tomato and brown sauce and even the humble beans on toast. Fortunately you can order most of these foods via the internet. Check out sites like: http://www.britishshoppingonline.com


The classical British pub is unique to the UK, only imitations exist in other countries. The pub has been the centre for UK society for centuries; it’s the place Brits go for social interaction and a good pint. Expats often try and set up their own pubs in places like Spain and France because they know that other Brit expats will miss their local.

The weather/seasons

Amazingly a major moan by Expats in countries like Australia is that they miss the British weather despite it also being the main reason people leave in the first place. Some miss the seasons preferring it to be cold in winter and the changes of autumn and spring. They must be mad…

There are always going to be things that you will miss if you decide to leave the UK. The best way to overcome homesickness is to throw yourself into your new homes culture as much as possible.

The sense of humour

Anyone travelling or living abroad knows that the British has the best sense of humour in the world. The jokes and silly limericks are part and parcel of British culture and very rarely topped anywhere else. Americans tend not to get our humour and their own is often appallingly unfunny to Brits. Other nations have things that they find hilarious but due to cultural differences it may not be funny to a Brit. Nothing beats having a good laugh with your fellow people.


Surprisingly many Expats miss British TV. Despite the plethora of reality shows and rubbish, expats said they miss soaps and British dramas the most. You can easily get around this as there are many places online where you can watch your favourite shows. Try http://watchseries.eu/ it hosts virtually every TV show ever made.

The Countryside

This has come top in a few recent polls. The rolling green hills and valleys of the British countryside cause an expat to think of home. If homesickness threatens to overwhelm you then you just have to remember that it’s probably raining and grey back in the UK. Although not the same as the lush greenery of the UK your new country is most likely to have some amazing countryside of its own. Although if your living in the United Arab Emirates…then maybe not.

Making friends and doing activities will take your mind off of home, and in the times when they don’t, you always have the internet to help you stay in touch with loved ones and to stay up to date with the latest news and events.

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