Wacky Sports from around the world

Here’s a further look at some crazy sports from around the world. If you’re an expat living in one of these countries you should check them out, who knows one day they could become real Olympic sports (not likely!) and you could become the champ.

Tuna Tossing (Australia)

The Tuna tossing world championships are the highlight of the Tunarama festival held in Port Lincoln Australia. Men and women over the age of 16 battle it out to see who can toss their tuna the farthest and claim the $3000 prize. Contestants are allowed to toss their 10kg frozen Tuna in any way they see fit with many spinning, flinging and twirling their way to victory. The record for the farthest thrown Tuna is a staggering 25 meters and the competition is fierce. Tunarama also hosts the world prawn tossing championships for the youngsters.


Greasy Pole Climbing (Brazil)

The challenging and rather messy sport of greasy pole climbing is popular in Brazil, Indonesia, the Caribbean and remarkably the UK! Competitors compete to see how far they can get in either shimmying up a greasy vertical pole or reaching the far end of a slickened horizontal one. Amazingly this sport even made it to the Olympic Games, it’s one and only appearance occurred in the American 1904 Olympics. The biggest stage for the sport is now the Greasy Pole competition held in Massachusetts and sees up to 50 men try to reach the end of the pole. Due to the popularity of the contest, there are strict rules regarding who is eligible to walk on the pole. The event is currently held on Friday, June 29, Saturday, June 30 and Sunday, July 1 – always at 4:45pm.


Dunny Racing (Australia)

You can imagine what this sport entails but then again perhaps not.., every second year in the small town of Winton in the Australian outback plays host to the Sorbent Australian Dunny Derby. The race sees twenty ‘dunny’ jockeys sit astride toilets with wheels attached pulled by a team of four and race to the finish line of the 250 meter long track.

After the Derby has finished, everyone joins together to sing and dance to their favourite country music.


Pumpkin Chunking (USA)

The Best Pumpkin chunkers are capable of sending pumpkins more than 4,000 feet in the air, the world record flight for a pumpkin is an incredible one mile! This bizarre sport sees Americans flinging the gourds with a variety of contraptions ranging from canons to medieval trebuchet catapults. There are also categories for human powered throws and even a kids division. While Pumpkin Chunking happens, formally and informally, throughout the US, the biggest competition is held annually by the World Championship Pumpkin Chunkin Association (WCPCA) in Sussex County, Delaware the first full weekend in November. For aspiring fans, tune into the Science Channel, which airs the event on Thanksgiving Day proceeded by an hour-long special about the preparation for the World Cup called the “Road to the Chunk.”


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