US States with the Highest Quality of Life – Part One


US States with the Highest Quality of Life – Part One

Just one of the fantastic things about the USA is its sheer size. Many of its States are larger than several European nations put together, and the country can consequently offer expatriates a huge range of terrains, climates and cultures to choose from.

So if the thought of living in the US appeals, but you aren’t sure which State would suit you best, check out our list of the 10 with the highest quality of life.

This ranking was compiled by Immigration America, but if you think another State deserves to be on the list let us know via Facebook or Twitter!

New Hampshire

Climate: Changeable, like much of New England. Four distinct seasons, spring (also known as the Maple Sugaring season) summer, autumn, winter. Year round temperatures typically vary from 12°C to 28 °C.

Infrastructure: In a recent report of American infrastructure New Hampshire received a C grading. Although there are a large amount of public use airports, as well as 9 freight railroads and several shipping ports, the state lost points as just over half of its roads are in poor/mediocre condition.

Main Draw: New Hampshire is visually beautiful and offers residents the opportunity to enjoy a large array of varied recreational activities, such as the summer’s popular outdoor festivals.


Climate: Hawaii enjoys a fairly consistent climate, with minimal fluctuations of temperature. Many locals consider Hawaii to have 2 seasons, summer (or Kau) and winter (or Hooilo). The average daytime temperature in summer is 29°C while the average daytime temperature in winter is 25 °C. However, the islands are home to a huge mix of micro-climates, from arid deserts to tropical rain forests.

Infrastructure: As a series of islands the infrastructure of Hawaiian ports is well established. Although some areas of the state’s infrastructure are in need of development and investment, there are airports, rail networks, bus routes, roads, bridges, tunnels and ports which ensure that you can travel around or between the islands.

Main Draw: The idea of living on an island paradise, among white sands and a friendly, environmentally conscious populace.


Climate: The weather in Vermont is quite changeable, although the state is known for its westerly winds. Summer temperatures are typically fairly standard across the state, with year round temperatures often fluctuating from -10°C to 30°C.

Infrastructure: Vermont received a C- in the American infrastructure report. Although more than half of the state’s roads are in reasonable condition, nearly a tenth of its bridges have been deemed structurally deficient. Vermont has extensive public roads, and a good supply of public facilities (like schools and parks).

Main Draw: Vermont attracts people on the basis of its idyllic landscape, low crime rate, mix of the urban and rural and strong family-friendly atmosphere.


Climate: Residents of Maine strongly advocate its invigorating climate, moderate temperatures and good air quality. The state has 3 climatologic divisions. In summer temperatures can reach a high of 32°C and in winter temperatures can fall to -10°C.

Infrastructure: Maine’s infrastructure was also graded at a C-, although it received a B for its aviation facilities and a C+ for energy, parks and ports as well as a C for its rail links.

Main Draw: As well as being the home of fictional TV star Jessica Fletcher (of Murder She Wrote) Maine boasts some stunning scenery and attractions like Brunswick Town and Harpswell – a striking collection of 20 small islands. It also has a low population density and famously polite populace.


Climate: As Minnesota has a continental climate summers are warm and winters are usually very cold. Daily temperatures can range from -11°C to 23°C across the year.

Infrastructure: Minnesota has extensive road and rail links, and ports which typically handle almost 30 tons of cargo on an annual basis. Plus points include a huge variety of open spaces and a large amount of public schools. Also, as the 21st most populated state in the US, it has a far lower population density than states like New York.

Main Draw: Waterfalls, forest trails, 10,000 lakes and a famous Sculpture garden are just some of the physical attractions of Minnesota. Its capital, St. Paul, is also considered to be a bustling and yet very family friendly city.

In part two we’ll look at North and South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.

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