Top Tips for a Successful International Career


Top Tips for a Successful International Career

All the world’s a stage from which you can launch a successful international career, you just have to have the right approach and the right attitude.

So here are our top tips for having a winning globe-trotting career!

Market Yourself

The ever expanding global marketplace and the current economic climate make for highly competitive conditions; if you want to be noticed you have to stand out among a sea of rivals.

You might be organised and punctual, but so are thousands of other people. And typing? Well that’s not really considered a skill anymore.

Sit down and consider what unique attributes and talents you have that will impress a potential employer, and really sell them in your CV/during an interview.

Make yourself stand out for the right reasons.

It might also work in your favour to learn as much as possible about country you would have to relocate to, as well as the company’s international history. Showing that you’re adaptable and could ease in to your new environment is always a plus.

Develop a Positive Online Presence

According to independent reports, in 2012 up to 90% of recruiters used online search portals as a primary means of finding suitable applicants.

When an applicant for a position is from overseas, online profiles and social networking sites can be particularly persuasive and play a huge role in final hiring decisions.

Clearly, it’s more important than ever to make sure your online presence is as positive as you’d want it to be.

Enter your name into a search engine and see what comes up (you may have to put additional details into the search engine if you have a common name). View the results as if you were a potential employer, and if you see any blots on your online reputation try and remove them!

Appreciate all the implications of working overseas

For some people the main lure of working overseas is the prospect of a different climate, or better career prospects. For others it’s a lower cost of living or higher wages.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to work abroad, make sure you’re fully prepared to deal with the cultural, social and economic differences it will entail before you begin your international job search.

All too often a move overseas ends abruptly as a result of culture shock at home and work. If you want your time abroad to be successful and rewarding learn about the culture you will be entering and what attitudes/outlooks will be expected from you in the workplace. Prepare yourself for the differences and develop ways of picking yourself up when things seem particularly tough.


While online searches can yield thousands of international job openings at the touch of a button, often the best opportunities can be discovered through networking, both physically and digitally.

In some parts of the world personal recommendation is as important as education or experience when it comes to landing a job, so make sure you request recommendations from previous bosses.

Develop a wide network of useful connections by going to relevant industry events in your home nation and putting yourself forward on online business forums like Linkedin. Remember, digital networking could lead to in person networking and that international career you’ve always dreamed of!

Be fluid

In decades gone by, job security was THE thing to aim for. In the current economic climate that’s no longer the case, and increasingly people are moving from one position to another as employers try to stay ahead of the game by scooping up the best and the brightest.

If you’re too rigid in your expectations and too afraid to take chances you could miss out on the best opportunities of all.

Remember, if you’re always striving to improve and keep up to date with fluctuations within the international job market, your overseas career is more likely to be a successful one.

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