Top things to consider when choosing to move abroad


Top things to consider when choosing to move abroad

Most people dream of moving overseas at some point in their life. You might be sick of the dreary weather and climate or just want a new experience in a new country. Here we list the top ten things that you must consider before taking the plunge abroad.

Visa rules

People from the UK have it relatively easy when it comes to international travel due to the British passport being widely accepted across the planet. If you’re a resident of another nation however things can be difficult travel-wise. Whilst looking for a new home abroad you have to make certain that you will actually have the right to reside, work or retire in another country.

For example, if you want to live in Australia you need a visa.  If you want to retire to the Dominican Republic you need to have a certain amount of verified monthly income.  If you want to work in Dubai you need to be sponsored by an employer etc…


Probably the most important factor to consider is safety. Before committing to a move ensure you thoroughly research how safe your chosen destination is in terms of crime, war, political unrest and the possibility of natural disasters. Certain countries also have the threat of disease and you should research whether you will need vaccinations before moving to those locations.


Flights abroad can be expensive so if money is tight look for a location close to cheaper flight paths or places that are easily accessible via road or train. You need to consider how you will get home if things don’t work out and you also need to bear in mind the new country’s infrastructure.

What’s the transport network like? How will keep in touch with family? This is a question that many expats fail to consider before departing their host nation.

Money matters

If you don’t have the necessary funds then you can’t move abroad! Unfortunately money is a necessary evil in life and none more so than when taking the risky step of moving abroad. There are many monetary issues you need to consider, ranging from currency exchange rates, property costs, stability of the country’s banking sector, social support and a whole host of other issues. You should always have enough money left in reserve to make a quick getaway if things go bad.

Religion and culture

You should always ensure that your new country’s culture and religion is compatible with your own. Some nation’s laws and religions clash with the way you are used to living and can make you regret your decision to move there.

Looking ahead

Always plan ahead! You have no idea what could be just around the corner so make sure you future proof your life. Is your new country suitable for children? Can you retire there? What support can you get if you fall ill or when you get old? Think about your new nation today and how it may suit you – but also ensure it’s the right place for you and your family to live for the longer-term.

Family and friends

Make sure to get your family and friends on board for your move. It’s a lot easier to make a big move if you know that you have the support of those back home. You should consider the feelings of people that are closest to you. Try not to upset everyone by just running off as they won’t like you for it.


Make sure you are aware of the climate of your new home. Seasons change and with them change temperatures. What may have been a pleasant experience when you visited before may be a whole different kettle of fish at a different time of the year. Several countries suffer from extreme climate, whether it’s very hot or extremely cold. Do your research and prepare!

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