Top Ten Most Popular Retirement Activities – Part One


Top Ten Most Popular Retirement Activities – Part One

After years of toil, stress, sleepless nights and pressured days, retirement should be the time for some well earned respite. Time to relax, pursue interests you’ve never had time for and focus on the things which make you happiest.

That could mean lolling on the sofa enjoying uninterrupted day-time telly fun, or it could mean hang-gliding off Patagonian hills.

Of course, what activities people pursue in their retirement largely depend on their income, habits and location, but there are several options which seem to have universal popularity.

In no particular order, here’s our list of the most popular retirement activities!


Over the years, odd jobs like painting the skirting, replacing the cupboard handles and redesigning the lounge tend to pile up until a day’s work becomes several weeks worth of projects which you never seem to have time to tackle. In retirement however you can finally do those finishing touches and get on with those tasks you’ve spent years thinking about. As well as keeping you creatively challenged, doing DIY will help your property retain its value and make it easier to sell, should you decide to go down the popular ‘downsizing’ route.

Family Activities

The saying that blood’s thicker than water appears to be truest during your golden years. While socialising with friends is a priority from youth to middle age, for many retirees spending time with their children, grandchildren and other family members is one of the major highlights of retirement.


With international obesity levels rising, the importance of eating healthily and exercising regularly is heavily promoted. But when you have a busy job, children to raise and a social life to cling to, fitting in time for sporting activities or gym sessions can be tough. Once retirement rolls around there’s finally time to pursue personal fitness goals and try out activities you could never get round to before, from horse riding to spinning or even training for a marathon!


For some retirees the prospect of not working is a daunting one. But for those who like the security of a routine and the satisfaction of completing tasks, volunteering can be a really rewarding way of donating your time and skills. You’ll also benefit from the warm fuzzy feeling of doing something good for other people.


Often youth, impressionability and outside pressures can lead us to take a different educational path then we would have liked. In retirement there’s time to go back to the beginning and engage in studies and subjects we’ve always longed to get involved with. Old dogs can learn new tricks, and there are major benefits to keeping your mind active and stimulated.

Stay tuned for part two of our look at the most popular retirement activities!

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