Top Ten Most in Demand Careers for Canada in 2013


Top Ten Most in Demand Careers for Canada in 2013

With 6 different time zones, regional climates and a larger landmass than the USA, Canada is a stunningly varied country.

As well as being geographically diverse Canada has a unique culture, a distinctive, welcoming outlook and a history of international migration. It’s not surprising then that more and more people are choosing to pack up and make the move to Canada.

Finding work can be the biggest stumbling block many would-be-expats face so if you think emigrating to Canada might be a viable option for you check out our list of the nation’s most in-demand careers for the coming year.

Skiing Instructor

Because of the amount of ski resorts scattered around Canada temporary, seasonal posts for skiing instructors come up frequently, but are highly sought after. Although not the highest paying job in the world, it can be a fantastic option for those who love the idea of living in Canada but aren’t quite sure whether to make the move permanently. This job also gives you the opportunity to meet a huge amount of different people and often comes with a lively social life.


For a chef, moving to a new country, with different ingredients and tastes, can be particularly exciting.  High quality foreign chefs are often sought after in top-class restaurants across Canada but there are also positions available for cooks of various skill levels if they have the relevant qualifications.

Programmer Analyst

As the digital revolution continues so does the demand for those with the skills to support it. Computer analysts/programmers are the people who help our world function, and the job opportunities in Canada for skilled foreign workers are greater in this sector than many others.


In many parts of Canada the number of positions opening up in Colleges/vocational education institutions exceeds the number of applications, and government funding for this career is on the up. If you have a skilled trade, and the qualifications to teach it to others, there could well be a job waiting for you in Canada. Prospects are particularly good for teachers of IT and computing.

Teaching in Special Education

As the world becomes more aware of the importance of adopting a tailored approach to teaching students with special needs this avenue of the education sector is expanding rapidly, leading to strong job opportunities for both Canadians and expats.

Skilled Farm Worker

In areas like Alberta, and other parts of Western Canada, positions are opening up for skilled foreign workers in dairy farms, pig farms, crop farms and poultry farms. With this career path a minimum of two years previous experience is typically required.


If you’re a qualified nurse there are a number of career options open to you in Canada. In-home nurses, nurse practitioners, midwives and registered nurses are all in demand and changes in the Canadian healthcare system continue to broaden the opportunities available.

Maintenance Technician

The term ‘Maintenance technician’ covers a broad spectrum and is applied to those who repair/care for a huge range of different forms of equipment, machinery and housing. In Canada maintenance technician positions are continuing to crop up frequently.

Radiological Technician

Economists are predicting that this specialist career will experience more rapid job growth than any other, so if you’re an X-ray specialist Canada wants you!

The Canadian unemployment rate is at a four year low, and it remains one of the more secure job markets for emigrants, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t have the qualifications for any of the careers on our list. You might have to accept taking a lower-paid or lower-status position than you had at home, but there are options out there!

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