Top Ranked Locations for Expat Professionals


Top Ranked Locations for Expat Professionals

Are you a lawyer, solicitor, banker or IT manager looking to expand your opportunities and broaden your experience with an overseas relocation?

Well if you are but you aren’t quite sure where to emigrate to, you may find this article useful!

The Global Professionals, in conjunction with Hydrogen, recently compiled a report in which 2,000 professionals (crossing a range of industries and countries) were surveyed regarding their experiences.

Based on the results the report has listed the most popular global locations with expat professionals.

  1. The US – Ranked as the best relocation destination for 24 % of the professionals surveyed
  2. The UK – Most popular with 13 % of participants
  3. Australia – 13 % also picked this as the top place to relocate
  4. Singapore – Got 9 % of the vote
  5. Canada – Came in just below with 8 %
  6. Switzerland – Got 6 % (possibly because of the wonderful chocolate)
  7. France – was the best option for 5 % of expat professionals
  8. Hong Kong – Came in with 5 % of the vote
  9. UAE – Also got 5 %
  10. Germany – Just made the top ten with 4%

China, which was voted the best place to emigrate by 3 per cent of those surveyed, just missed out on reaching the top ten.

The reason for the UK’s rise up the ranks is believed to be at least partly to do with the UK becoming a global technology hub.

Shane Little, Managing Director of Hydrogen, said of the UK: ‘The US is still the dominant force, but the UK is definitely on the march. The States has Silicon Valley and San Francisco, the UK has Silicon Roundabout near Old Street, where you’ve got all these exciting tech firms opening. A lot of Europeans view the UK as a tech-hub where you can work for exciting fast-paced companies. We’re seeing a lot of Europeans coming to work in the UK. It’s all about wanting to work for up-and-coming companies.’

Australia also ranked in the top three, remaining one of the most popular career-focused expat destinations as well as lifestyle-focused ones. Shane Little commented: ‘Oil and gas continues to be a real growth area, with demand increasing for professionals with unconventional experience, particularly across the Eastern Seaboard [...] There is also a growing demand for professionals in life sciences and pharmaceuticals, in particular on the clinical research and development side, and in regulatory affairs and compliance. Australia is also a technology hub, with growth currently in cloud technology analytics and big data storage.’

Singapore may only have reached fourth overall, but it achieved 2nd place with financial professionals and 3rd place with technological professionals and was described in the following terms: ‘With an exceptionally well-educated and highly motivated workforce, Singapore is an extremely innovative country. It is producing tech entrepreneurs and engineers who are creating much of the high tech industry of the future, for example in life sciences, medical equipment and biotech. For professionals, it’s about wanting to build a career in a busy and cutting edge region.’

Although Hong Kong only ranked 8th overall, it was third with legal professionals – which is good news in light of research conducted in February, which showed that international law firms in Hong Kong (Like Davis Polk & Wardwell) are stepping up their recruitment of Mandarin speakers. Hydrogen’s Asia expert Simon Walker stated: ‘Whether you are a single professional in your mid-twenties, or a seasoned professional with a family, you will find the right neighbourhood in Hong Kong. Your experience of the place will depend on why you are there and where you live, but one thing is certain – you will enjoy an exceptionally high standard of living and quality of life.’

Furthermore, of all expats questioned (working in all professional sectors) 72 per cent felt that their salaries had been enhanced by their relocation, 77 per cent felt their careers had benefited, 83 per cent felt they had personally benefited and 98 per cent stated that they would recommend the experience to a friend.

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