Top mistakes made by expats

Some people mistakenly believe that emigrating is easy, that they don’t have to prepare or plan for the future. These people tend to be the ones who rapidly realise their dream move is quickly becoming a nightmare; both financially and emotionally, don’t let it happen to you!

Sort out your money

A very big mistake is to move abroad without planning your finances carefully. Moving abroad is often a costly business and as such seeking financial assistance is strongly recommended. From transferring your bank account to exchanging your currency it is advised that you seek professional advice. Some Expats have moved without sufficient savings to tide them over whilst they look for work or a lean period hits. New countries bring new laws, regulations and taxation systems. To a novice this new way of doing things can be overwhelming. Make sure you prepare by researching your destination thoroughly and seek professional assistance.

Get the right property

A small apartment is all well and good for a short vacation but remember you are planning to settle in your chosen destination for possibly the rest of your life. Your home in Britain is probably comfortable, fairly large and ideal for your needs. If you have a family used to a large home then moving them into a tiny apartment can put a tremendous strain on your family life and could even force you to give up and pack your bags to head back to Blighty. Villas and townhouses in Spain can be very expensive so make sure you have the funds needed to provide a suitably sized home for you and your family.

Keep your wits about you

Wherever you go in the world there are unfortunately people who prey on others naivety. As an expat you will be new to the country you’ve chosen and no doubt some unscrupulous characters may target you. The most common thing to watch out for is financial scams. Locals and even other Expats may try to take advantage. If someone is overfriendly when you first arrive keep your guard up as they may not be all that they seem. By keeping your wits about you, you can avoid your dream move turning into a disaster.

It’s not a holiday

The biggest mistake you can make once you’ve emigrated is to think of your move as a permanent holiday, it isn’t. If you keep the holiday mentality then you risk the chance of taking things easy. You need to be able to find work, make money and secure your position in your new home before you can even think of taking it easy. If you’re retired and have enough money saved then relax away but if not you probably don’t have the luxury of spending all your cash on booze and BBQs.

Learn the language

Making Expats move to their new home unable to speak the local language, this leads to a barrier between you and the locals. By learning the language you will make your life a lot easier, nothing beats local knowledge. More than anything it is basic manners and learning the basics is easier than you may think.

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