Top Canadian Eats and Treats

Top Canadian Eats and Treats

Below are some of Canada’s favourite eats and treats.

Maple Syrup

Kind of a given. Although eaten worldwide it was first discovered and utilised in Canada and the nation is rightly proud of the fact.


This is one of the most popular Canadian dishes around and a staple in Quebec. Poutine is an interesting mixture of thick-cut chips (fries) cheese curds and peppery gravy.

Beaver tails: These don’t sound overly tempting (and they should definitely be eaten in moderation) but they’re a Canadian favourite. Whole wheat pastry is shaped to resemble a beaver tale before being cooked in hot oil, coated in butter and dusted with toppings like sweet cinnamon sugar.


In Quebec this meat pie is a Christmas dinner favourite. It is traditionally made with ground pork, veal or beef.

May West

This sweet treat is the Canadian version of the American Twinkie. It’s a round cake with a creamy centre smothered in chocolate. There is little else you could possibly want.

Smoked meat

In the Jewish delis in Montreal smoked meat became so popular that the city is now known for its sandwiches of rye bread, smoked meat, mustard and dill pickle.

Labatt Blue

Wherever you are in the world there’s no better way of getting to know the locals than by having a drink, and Labatt Blue is Canada’s favourite brew.

Dill pickle chips (crisps)

To go with your Labatt Blue how about another strange home-grown Canadian favourite? As popular in Canada as Cheese and Onion crisps are in Britain and Ranch chips are in America.

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