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money_eurosAre you looking for information about Currency Exchange? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of websites there are on this subject? Well don’t fear, because The Expat Hub is here to give you its favourite top 3 sites focusing on foreign exchange and currency market movement. These sites were selected on the basis of how easy they are to use and how informative their articles are.

You don’t have to be a currency trader to want to find out about Foreign Exchange. You may be wishing to relocate, buy items from a foreign country or simply fancy a hard-earned holiday and have funds you need to transfer for this purpose. By keeping track of how exchange rates are performing you can make sure that you exchange your money when the market is at its highest point, and therefore get more for your transaction. The sites listed below are all great for keeping track of the latest currency trends as they give clear, accurate and up-to-date information for those who want expert analysis in understandable terms.

So here goes… The Expat Hub’s top 3 currency exchange websites!


Future Currency Forecast is the go to place for everything you need. It has a large range of currencies with specific news and information for each one. The useful articles are presented clearly with good punchy titles and offer forecasts for future movement – helping you plan ahead. The pages are very easy to navigate with a clear toolbar heading the site. There is also an ‘Ask the Expert’ feature which is particularly useful should you need specific information and guidance.

The website is broken down into categories allowing users to research individual currencies.  For example, the US dollar category gets around two news articles a day on the latest USD movements and forecasts.


Euro exchange rate news is specifically catered to those who require information about Euro exchange rates. There are several reports supplying information on current exchange rates and specific currency market news. A helpful banner at the top of the page gives you up to date exchange rates for a huge range of currencies. The site is easy to navigate, clear and intuitive.


Exchange rate news is your one-stop shop for all things foreign exchange. With a plethora of currencies to choose from; you can find latest news, FAQs, a glossary and guides. The website is clear and easy to navigate with large titles, pictures and toolbars.

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