Top 10 Foods British Expats Can’t Live Without


Top 10 foods British expats can’t live without

According to recent British Corner Shop – the online supermarket servicing expats’ needs for a taste of home - survey there are ten food products that British expats just cannot live without. Top British food brands were naturally the most missed.

Mark Callaghan, managing director of British Corner Shop, said: “When people move abroad they often think they won’t miss food or drink from home, but millions of Brits drink several cups of tea a day, so giving this up is much harder than you’d think.”

Callaghan went on to say: “We’re not particularly surprised by the products that have made the top 10, the only real surprise was that Heinz Beans didn’t place higher, as this is a top selling product on our website.

“Tea is likely to remain at the top of the expats most wanted list, as no matter how you dress it up, no tea tastes as good at the classic British brands.”

We take a closer look.

1. Tea

As a nation renowned for being devout tea-drinkers, it comes as little surprise that up to 20% of those surveyed listed a good old cup of tea at the top of their most missed items, with a fifth saying that they just can’t live without it.

2. Chilled goods (Bacon, Sausages etc.)

Bacon especially is a favourite of the Brits with up to 12% saying it’s their most missed food.

3. Chocolate

Next on the list was chocolate with many expats citing that other countries just can’t match British brands. A fairly large number listed Cadbury chocolates such as Dairy Milk, Flake and Roses as their most missed food.

4. Marmite

As the slogan goes, ‘love it or hate it’ Marmite came fourth on the list with 6% of questioned expats longing for the yeasty spread.

5. Condiments

Most Brits love their ketchup, salad cream and pickle so it’s no surprise that those goods came close to the top of the list, after all nothing tops off a bacon sandwich like a dollop of tomato ketchup.

6. Gravy

It’s most likely that those from the north of the British Isles listed gravy as in some areas virtually all food is eaten with it, even chips. This choice also highlights many expats longing for a traditional roast dinner.

7. Crisps

British branded crisps were the next choice on the list with 3.1% craving the snack food. Particular favourites included Hula Hoops and of course the Walkers brands.

8. Baked Beans

You can’t beat beans on toast for simplicity and versatility it’s little wonder that so many expats love and miss their baked beans.

9. Biscuits

As Tea came top of the list it’s no surprise that biscuits would also be on the list. After all, who doesn’t like dunking a chocolate biscuit into a ‘cuppa’?

10. Oxo stock cubes

Perhaps for a nostalgic taste of home is the reason for this item to make the list. Up to 1.4% listed this as the thing they can’t live without.

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British Corner Shop was established in 1999 and is an online supermarket delivering over 8,000 branded British food, drink, toiletry and household products worldwide. Last year the company delivered over 3 million products to 130 countries worldwide.

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