Top 10 Destinations for British Expats


Australia’s diverse landscape has it all: beautiful beaches, blistering sunshine and amazing surfing conditions for the beach bums out there; expansive mountain ranges, dry red deserts and the forests of Tasmania for the adventurous types; and world heritage sites such as the Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock and Fraser Island for the expat naturalists. The striking natural backdrop of the country combined with the culturally rich hustle and bustle of city life in the metropolitan cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra makes Australia a very popular destination for British expats.

British expats find it extremely easy to adjust to life in Australia because both countries: share a common language; enjoy a high quality of life; and have a similar value system.


France: the home of the Eiffel Tower, Champagne, fine wine, strong cheese, and the humble French fry. But there’s more to the country than its iconic figures; a variety of factors have made France extremely popular with British expats recently.

The prospect of relocating to France and taking advantage of the local culture, community and cuisine has never looked so attractive for British expats. Unlike in the UK, the French property market is very accommodating for foreign buyers. Property prices are growing at a stable rate, mortgages are widely available and strict property laws give expats all the protection they need.

It is easy to get to France, by car, plane, train or ferry, but the strong sense of culture is undisturbed by the thousands of expats who have chosen to relocate there. France has topped multiple league tables for its world beating health care service, and often appears as the number one destination for raising children abroad. British expats often boast of vast improvements in family life after moving to France with more time spent with children, less economic strain, better quality of food and easy integration into local French communities.

New Zealand

New Zealand is perfect for expats who are seeking a bit more adventure in their lives. The country has played host to a glorious array of action / adventure films such as: The Last Samurai, King Kong, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Mission Impossible II, Walking with Dinosaurs, Xena Warrior Princess and The Chronicles of Narnia. All of these epic narratives have been coloured by New Zealand’s stunning landscape, and the country’s astonishing level of beauty could become the backdrop to the latest chapter in your life if you decide to expatriate in Kiwi land!

New Zealanders are very welcoming to expats with nearly 30% of the population born overseas. New Zealand ranks very highly in expat league tables due to its stable property prices, favourable tax scheme, strong educational system and overall quality of life.


Canada is the world’s 2nd largest country and as such it draws in a wide-ranging variety of British expats. Canada is generally viewed as a very safe place to live with relatively low crime rates. Education and healthcare systems are excellent and there are many opportunities for skilled workers within an exceptional working environment.

With outdoor activities aplenty many expats enjoy a healthy lifestyle mixing a comfortable working life with exciting outdoor pursuits in their spare time. Skiing, snowboarding, fishing, mountaineering, hiking, and climbing are very popular in Canada due to its wondrous natural scenery.


British expats find it very easy to settle in to the United States as the culture is very similar to the UK – and perhaps because they’ve seen enough of it on TV and in films! The economy is the largest in the world and it is one of the most culturally diverse nations on the planet. A strong constitution providing fundamental civil rights for all who enter America combined with the accommodating nature of the US people make it very easy for expats to settle in.

The glitz and glamour of New York’s Upper East Side, the family fun of Disneyland Florida, the excitement and danger of Las Vegas, the awesome Grand Canyon, the tranquillity of the great lakes, the iconic beaches of California: The USA has so many attractions to keep expats busy and the list goes on and on and on…

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