The World’s Wackiest Laws

The World’s wackiest laws

Motorcycle gangs and psychopaths aside, we all want to be good, law abiding citizens. We know that killing people and stealing stuff is frowned upon, we know that setting fires is bad. But did you know that it’s illegal to get a fish drunk? Or that you can be arrested for chewing gum?

If you didn’t then there’s a strong chance that you don’t know about the many other bizarre rules in place around the world. To help you keep on the right side of the track no matter where you are here are some of the world’s wackiest laws!

Carrying a concealed weapon is illegal in many places across the globe but in Kentucky the law specifically applies to concealed weapons over six-feet long. Just where you would conceal a six-foot weapon is another issue.

If a whale is beached anywhere on the shores of Great Britain its head automatically becomes the property of the King and its tail the property of the Queen. This might be the law but I’m not sure how amused one would be if presented with half a whale.

In Thailand you can be fined for dropping chewing gum on the street. It’s also illegal to leave the house without underwear on or to step on a bank note.

Make sure to have a full tank of petrol if you plan to drive on the German autobahn, running out is illegal and can result in a fine.

In New York jumping off a building is punishable by death. No. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

In China it is illegal for Tibetan Buddhist monks to reincarnate without the permission of the government.

Oddly, men in Lebanon are allowed to have intercourse with animals if the animal is female. The act only becomes illegal if the animal is male; the crime is also punishable by death.

Making faces at dogs is a big no-no in Oklahoma. Anyone caught pulling a face at a dog can be arrested. Don’t believe me? Just ask Jayna Hutchinson. In 2007 she was arrested for this very reason.

In Burma internet access is strictly regulated by the military government. Anyone found to be breaking the rules can be charged a hefty fine or sent to prison.

Since 1999 being a prostitute has been legal in Sweden. However, using the services of a prostitute is illegal. Iceland and Norway also have legislation which means that it’s legal to sell sex but illegal to buy it.

In Ohio it’s against the law to get a fish drunk. The law doesn’t specify what counts as ‘drunk’ for a fish.

In France it’s illegal to name a pig Napoleon. Steve is fine.

In Ottawa, Canada, carpooling for reasons other than work (such as day trips, shopping or going to sports matches) is illegal. Not even the Ontario government see the point of this random law.

In the Netherlands smoking cannabis in public spaces is permitted, but smoking tobacco isn’t.

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