The World’s most fanatical football nations (part one)

The World’s most fanatical football nations (part one)

As England is the birthplace of modern football it makes sense that the Brits have a reputation for being football crazy but compared to other nations that love of the beautiful game pales in comparison. The following is a list of the greatest football playing nations in the world!


The current World and European champions need very little introduction. Famous for the national team’s fanatical support and being the home of some of the biggest club teams on Earth Spain is the prime example of footy mad nation. Real Madrid and Barcelona are some of the most successful club teams with the greatest players in the world plying for them in the form of Real’s Christiano Ronaldo and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.


The most successful footballing nation in the world by far is Brazil with the national side winning the FIFA World cup a record breaking five times, the Copa America eight times and the Confederations cup three times. Pele is a son of Brazil and is considered to be the best player to have ever lived. Other legends include Ronaldo, Zico, Garincha and Zizinho.


The German national side is one of the most successful national teams around having won the world cup three times and has reached the semi-finals a record eight times. Prior to the fall of the Berlin wall the German football team was split into West and East Germany with the Western team proving the more successful of the two. The German side is a long time rival of England with many a English supporter cursing the Germans coolness when it comes to penalty shootouts.


Italy is the second most successful footballing nation after Brazil having won the World cup four times and has won the European cup once. Famous for their stout defensive playing style and being the home of some of the worlds biggest club teams such as Juventus, Lazio, Roma and the two Milan sides. The fanaticism of Italian supporters is very high. Italy is known as a supporter of strong supporters, and almost every club has hardliner supporters (Ultras).


Although Argentina did not have a chance to chase their third straight Olympic gold medal in men’s football this summer in London, the nation are one of the most decorated and world revered countries in the sport. Likewise, their fan base is one of the greatest in South America and in the world. Argentina is also the home country of Lionel Messi and other world class players.

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