The Top Ten best Road trips in Europe


The Top Ten best Road trips in Europe

According to many auto enthusiasts, Europe boasts the best roads in the world. If you’re an expat living in Europe you will probably have already driven on some pretty great roads so we thought we’d list ten of the best. (This list is in no particular order.)

Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Almafi Coast is often said to be Italy’s most scenic stretch of coastline, with a landscape comprising of luxuriant gardens, towering cliffs and villages built into hillsides it’s very hard to find a more beautiful place in Europe. Driving from Sarrento in the north, to Salerno in the south, you will pass beauty spot after beauty spot, as well as drive through some of Italy’s most historic villages.

This trip is not for the faint hearted however; as the trip will see you hug the steep cliff top roads as well as experience Italian drivers in their element, (driving like loonies on blind corners!). The four main towns on the Amalfi Coast are Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, and they are all well worth a stop.

The Flower Route, Netherlands

This route may only be 25 miles long but it offers one of Europe’s most stunning sights. The fields along the road blossom with thousands of vibrantly coloured flowers and the dense concentration of flowers seems to fill the horizon. The best time to embark on this trip is in late January or late April when the flowers begin to bloom.

The Alpine Road, Germany

This 280 mile long route takes you on a spellbinding adventure through the Bavarian mountains. With Mother Nature acting both as stage designer and director, the slogan ‘every mile – a smile’ couldn’t be more appropriate. This stunningly scenic Alpine Road is simply littered with treasures: 21 mountain lakes, 25 castles, palaces and abbeys and countless other impressive locales.

The Croatian Coast, Croatia

This route is one of Europe’s hidden treasures. Most visitors to Croatia head to the popular locations of Dubrovnik and Split instead of heading out towards the Mediterranean coastline. The country has over 1000 miles of winding coastline to explore. Croatia’s coastal road is full of Roman settlements, tiny villages, amazing beaches and stunning views. If you love the route then you could choose to stay on it and head south through Montenegro and Albania and end up in Greece!

The Atlantic Road, Norway

Often hailed as one of the most famous roads in the world the Atlantic highway takes drivers on a 30 mile trip between the towns of Kritiansund and Molde. The road zigzags across low bridges that jut at weird angles over the sea. The architecture of the road itself is something special to behold. Make sure to visit in July for Molde’s famous jazz festival.

Scottish Highlands, UK

If you want to see some of the UK’s most dramatic scenery then take a road trip around the Scottish highlands. The best route is to start your journey in Glasgow and drive in a loop until you reach the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. The route takes in the sites of Loch Lomund, Ben Nevis and Eileen Donan Castle.

Porto to Guimaraes, Portugal

For a taste of the real Portugal you should drive this route. The road takes you from the nation’s old capital of Porto to Guimaraes, and includes stops in Portugal’s oldest city Braga as well as taking you through the scenic Peneda-Geres National Park.  Most visitors to the country visit either Lisbon or the Algarve, this journey will show you the best of the north.

The Autobahn, Germany

This one is for all the speed freaks out there. Where in the world can you be pushing 140 mph in the fast lane and then look in your mirrors to see an Audi right up behind you trying to overtake? With no speed limit it’s a good opportunity to see just how fast your motor can go!

Prague to Istanbul, Czech Republic, Turkey

This route will offer adventure aplenty regardless of which route you opt to take. Whether you decide to travel through Bosnia to the magnificent Tatra Mountains that divide Poland and Slovakia or the route taking you through the lands of Dracula himself in Romania’s Carpathian Mountains the journey to the gateway to Asia, Istanbul, will certainly be memorable.

The Three Nations Tour, Switzerland, France and Italy

The best thing about Europe is that by just driving for a few hours you can pass though several nations and this road trip takes that as it motif. It is a challenging European trip that encompasses Switzerland, France and Italy. One route runs from Geneva’s Lake Léman, under the Alps in France through the Mont Blanc tunnel, on to Turin and Florence, and then doubles back to return to the Alps via Milan. Alongside the mountains and charming country towns there are wonderful twisting roads that drivers will love, and sensational coastline views are the cherry on top.

What are your favourite European road journeys? Let us know via Twitter, Google+, Facebook or on our forums.

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