The most in-demand skills in Australia

The most in-demand skills in Australia

Demand for workers in Australia remains high with fifty-four per cent of business’s reporting that they have difficulty getting the manpower needed to fill key positions within their organisations. This shortage of skilled workers is an opportunity for skilled UK citizens struggling to find work at home or for those just looking for a change of scenery. Skilled workers in Australia are very well paid and the benefits that come with those jobs are often very good. With a sponsored skilled migrant Visa an expat is eligible for healthcare, permanent Australian residency and all the other benefits that the land down under can provide.

Here is a list of the top ten in-demand skills in Australia.

Skilled trades

Like in many Western countries the demand for skilled trades people is very high. Skilled trades people include electricians, plumbers, mechanics, fitters, mechanics, carpenters, hairdressers, chefs, and many others. As a skilled trades person you shouldn’t have much difficulty finding work in Australia, and the pay is often very good.

Health professionals

The demand for trained doctors and nurses has always been high. Registered nurses in particular are highly sought after.  Working in Australia as a health professional in Australia enables you to broaden your professional horizons in one of the world’s best healthcare systems. Australia has a two tier medical system called Medicare which means that there are two types of employers for most health professionals in the private and public sectors. Other health jobs in demand include; Locum physiotherapists with musculoskeletal, aged care or mining sector experience, clinical nurse consultants, facilities managers, community care coordinators, residential care coordinators and psychologists in aged care, nurse educators and occupational rehabilitation specialists.


There is high demand for construction workers, project managers, site managers, foremen, health & safety specialists and project engineers. With Australia experiencing something of a mining boom the demand for skilled engineers is at an all time high and with such jobs in short supply in the UK Australia could be your best bet to land a very well paid job.

Sales representatives

Sales reps may get bad press but they are vital to a company’s development. For those with the skills of selling Australia can offer a lucrative career.


If you have what it takes to be a manager or have experience being an executive than the opportunities available in Australia are almost limitless. Big businesses are crying out for experienced leaders and are looking more and more often to the UK to fill the shortage in those roles. If you already work for a multinational company and really want to move to Oz then perhaps you could ask your employer about the possibility of transfer.

IT specialists

Computers and information technology are a vital part of modern economies and Australia is no different. The high demand for IT specialists means that there are plenty of opportunities for computer literate expats.  Not scared by coding and love nothing better than a game of WoW? Then this is definitely the type of job for you.

Secretaries and office support staff

The workhorse of most businesses, office staff includes a variety of roles.  With the right general skills, you can work in almost any type of company, large or small.

Accounting and financial experts

As well as numerical ability, you’ll also need a head for fine print and legislation, think tax laws and business contracts. If that doesn’t faze you, be prepared to field job offers and enjoy great remuneration. Many financial institutions are multi-national so internal opportunities to move and work in Australia could be available to you if you work for one in the UK.


Australia is currently in the midst of a teacher shortage and the government is doing all it can do to encourage foreign teachers to take a job in the country. Pay is often good but many ex-Aussie teachers complain that the job is highly stressful and working conditions are relatively poor. Be aware that between 25 and 40% of teachers leave the job within five years of starting. The most in demand teaching jobs are the following; Early childhood teachers, early childhood directors, diploma trained group leaders, casual certificate 3 early childhood staff and secondary teachers in it, sciences, mathematics and design and technology.


Things always break and therefore technicians are always needed to fix them. Technician jobs are in high demand across Australia thanks to the shortage in skilled labour. Many companies and organisations are on the lookout for skilled Technicians, and the monetary rewards are often very good.

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