The Hottest Places in the World


The Hottest Places in the World

Given that the UK has developed a global reputation for rather dismal weather, the fact that the nation is currently enjoying a heat wave has been pretty big news. Cobwebs have been dusted off BBQ’s, swimsuits have been recovered from the back of drawers and some are even venturing to say that it might actually be too hot for comfort.

But while 30°C temperatures might be practically unheard of in the rain sodden UK, there are quite a few places on earth which experience even stronger heat.

So, if you’ve been complaining that you’re too hot, or not hot enough, spare a thought for those people struggling to function in the five hottest places on earth!

Dasht-e Lut, Iran

The hottest land temperature ever recorded, 70°C, occurred in the Dasht-e Lut desert. Another interesting fact is that 70°C is the temperature needed to boil water on top of Mount Everest.

Oodnadatta, Australia

As Australia’s driest state, Oodnadatta can get beyond hot. Recently temperatures in the region have been surging to highs of 48°C, close to the 50.7°C Australian record reached in the state in 1960.

Dallol, Ethiopia

This remote, but populated, area of Ethiopia still holds the record for having the highest average temperature for an inhabited area of earth. Over the course of six years 35°C was the average annual temp.

El Azizia, Libya

Until recently El Azizia held the title of the hottest place on earth, despite only achieving temperatures of a barely warm 40+°C … It might have lost the accolade to Death Valley, but it’s certainly a close second!

Death Valley, California, USA

It’s getting hot in here, really hot. In fact, Death Valley can get so hot that visitors to the area have tried to fry eggs on the ground. Yum.

An air temperature of 56.7°C was taken in the valley toward the turn of the twentieth century, and a hundred years on it’s warming up to similar levels.

If it’s hot where you are, slap on the sunscreen, keep a bottle of water to hand and seek shade when possible! Oh, and eat lots and lots of ice creams.

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