The good and the bad of Australian living

As a move to Australia is such a big decision to make it helps to know just what the pros and cons are.

The good

We all know that Australia is home to some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth. Thanks the countries huge size it is home to a vast and diverse range of habitats and environments, if you love exotic wildlife than Oz is the place for you. No doubt the climate is one of the main attractions for anyone seeking to move abroad. In the summer the temperatures can be scorching hot making going to the beach a virtual necessity. It’s generally warm all year round and compared to winters in the UK it’s like summer all year round.

The standard of living is one of the highest in the world, with good healthcare, well paid work and very good working conditions. If you want to escape and start a new life then very few countries are better than Australia.

The bad

Thanks to the vast number of different deadly animals Australia is probably the only place in the world where you can experience a high standard of living- and then by straying off a footpath get eaten by a crocodile, Great White or be killed by a spider bite or snakes. If you have a fear of such things then it may be a good idea to either be extremely cautious or stay in the safety of Britain.
Here are five of the deadliest animals found in Oz:

1. The box jellyfish
2. Salt water Crocodile
3. Tiger snake
4. Great white shark
5. Funnel web spider

It’s true that the sun is often shining in Australia, but just like any other country it is prone to adverse weather conditions. Typhoons, heavy rains and unpredictable weather are all common. The sunshine may be nice but what if it doesn’t stop shining at all? Large swathes of Australia are prone to drought and extreme temperatures.

Whilst most Australians are friendly there is a slight culture barrier between Brits and Aussies. Often friendly rivalry is the norm but just like anywhere it’s unfortunately home to racists and generally unpleasant individuals.

Just like any country Australia has it’s negative points but if you don’t let your fear of deadly creatures get to you it is a place of wonderful opportunities.

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