The Cost of Having Familiar Favourites in Shanghai


The Cost of Having Familiar Favourites in Shanghai

Shanghai has a thriving expat population, and one which is growing exponentially (latest estimates show a 6.7 per cent increase in the number of expats in the region within 12 months).

And, as many expats miss their creature comforts from home, Shanghai goes out of its way to make sure they’re easily accessible.

‘City Shop’ is a supermarket chain with stores dotted around Shanghai, and its specialism is imported Western goods. Although locals do buy such produce, the stores are largely there for the benefit of expats.

But while it may be convenient for expats to access their favourite goods it certainly isn’t cheap, and dining in the style you’re accustomed to could cost you significantly more than you might expect.

In order to highlight the extreme price disparity, The Global Times compared the cost of goods purchased from a City Shop in Shanghai with those bought in a UK based Sainsbury’s.

Thanks to the hard work of The Global Times, we’re able to show you the difference in price between some popular home-purchased goods and their expat counterparts…

That morning coffee might not seem so necessary when you realise that the packet of Lavazza Ground Coffee you bought cost the equivalent of £6.80 compared with the £3.60 you would have paid back home.

Similarly, tea might solve all the worlds’ ills, but at £9.45 for 50 Twining’s teabags that’s a pretty pricey brew! The same box would cost you £2.70 in the UK.

A bottle of olive oil, a staple of everyday Western cooking, might set you back £6.60 in the UK, but this price rises to £11.30 in China’s second most expensive city for expats.

Meanwhile, a typical 500g bag of Pasta would cost around £1 in the UK, but a hefty £3.40 in Shanghai.

Finally, if you’ve got a Nutella addiction you may want to kick the habit. A 100g tub shoots up in price from £3.70 to £9.65!

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