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The Canadian Climate

Canada is huge. Consequently, the climate varies according to where you are. Generally speaking, Canada does have four distinct seasons but temperatures are generally cooler in the north and milder in the west. Because of its proximity to the North Pole snowfall is common, and often heavy, between November and March each year.

The winters can be harsh in many parts of the country, particularly in the interior where daily temperatures are often -15°C but can drop to -40°C in severe winds. In the summer most regions have warm weather; average high temperatures in the interior can be as high as 30°C  to 40°C.

The sunniest city in Canada is Calgary, closely followed by Winnipeg.

Here is a list of the average temperature in different parts of Canada:

City: Summer Avg. Temp. Winter Avg. Temp.
Ottawa 26°C -15°C
Quebec 24°C -16°C
Montreal 26°C -14°C
Toronto 27°C -2°C
Winnipeg 26°C -23°C
Vancouver 22°C 0°C