The best ways to watch British TV abroad


The best ways to watch British TV abroad

One of the things that UK expats often say they miss the most when living abroad is UK television. Despite all of the soaps, reality TV shows and wannabe pop stars, UK Television is a taste of home for many expats. Fortunately for telly addicts who just can’t live without their fix of Eastenders or Corrie, there are a number of ways to watch your favourite programmes abroad. We take a look at some of the most common and easy methods to receive British TV in another country.

Sling boxes

Sling boxes are a gadget that connect to a Freeview, Freesat or Skybox in the UK and allows someone in another country to watch British TV anywhere in the world. The main problem with this technology is that it has to be connected to a TV located in the UK, so unless you have a UK based buddy or family member willing to have one attached to their TV then it’s pretty useless. Your computer at home also needs to be on at all times and have a good upload speed, which at is not very feasible considering how slow most broadband connections are.

Alternatively you could use a sling box hosting service to do it all for you. A Slingbox enables you to watch TV programmes remotely via the Internet, turning virtually any Internet-connected PC into your personal television. Alternatively if don’t mind not watching live UK TV you could just go to the next section and get the same results without that hassle.


There are a number of pay to watch services available online, such as Expat Telly (  The site offers subscription packages that allow expats to watch on demand services from anywhere in the world and it only costs a few cents. VPNs work by providing users with a username and password to access Virtual Private Network (VPN) servers. When visiting a website you will appear to be visiting from within the UK allowing you access to UK restricted content. It may sound like you’re doing something you shouldn’t be, but VPN’s are legal as long as they are used for legal activities. Unfortunately this option does not allow users to watch live broadcasts.

Satellite TV

If using Satellite TV abroad you can often receive British television programmes, albeit not on the UK TV channels. For example the BBC broadcasts in most countries around the world via the world service and in the USA there is BBC America that airs your favourite BBC shows. If you’re a fan of watching live sport such as football etc.  foreign television tends to show more English football matches than the UK providers. There are ways to tune your Satellite box to receive some UK channels abroad, one method of which can be found here:

Do you have your own method of watching UKTV abroad? Can you suggest some reliable methods or services to use? Let us know via the forum.

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