The best cycle routes in the world

The best cycle routes in the world

There is no better way of exploring a place than by bicycle. Your new homeland will be filled with new and exciting places to visit; from breathtaking mountain vistas to sprawling cityscapes depending on where you decide to emigrate to you will have plenty of opportunity for adventure and sightseeing. This is the Expat Hubs list of some of the best bicycle routes in the world.

La Route Verte, Canada

This 2,485 miles route traverses the vastness of Canada and crosses the province of Quebec from East to West. The route has been carefully designed to take in some stunning scenery with selected rights-of-way, rural roads and a clearly signed route it’s easy to find the most interesting sites. The terrain and vistas vary greatly from calm stretches along the St Lawrence River to the mountain views of the Laurentides.

Munda Biddi Trail, Australia

In the Aboriginal language, Munda Biddi translates as the ‘path through the forest’ and sure enough this route sticks to its namesake. The cycle route runs through miles of forest primarily comprised of eucalyptus trees. The Mundaring to Collie route is the latest addition running 206 miles through the lush region. This trail is particularly popular for animal lovers as there is a good chance you will encounter wild Kangaroos, Wallabies, Koalas and possums.

Gran Fondo Campagnolo, Italy

This mass-participation ride through the Dolomites around Feltre honors Tulio Campagnolo, who invented the modern gear-shifting system, the derailleur. It takes place each year in mid-June, soon after the mountain roads are cleared of snow. You climb more than 13,780 feet (4,200 meters) along the 130-mile (209-kilometer) course, which tops four summits.

Jotunheimen National Park, Norway

This cycle route takes its travellers through the highest mountain region of Scandinavia, providing a tough test for the hardiest of bike riders. It is best to traverse the trail in the summer and in winter the area is often made impassable by thick snowfall, even in summer it’s a good idea to wrap up warm as at night the high mountain path turns into an icy wonderland. The sheer height of the trail offers breathtaking views of the mountain lakes and valleys.

Underground Railroad Bike route, USA/Canada

This 2,057 mile long route is run by the Adventure Cycling Association and sees riders travel through underground tunnels from Alabama to Ontario, an epic ride for sure. The route was created to commemorate the bravery of slaves that attempted to escape the US and achieve freedom in Canada. Comprised of five segments the route highlights the history of the trail and incorporates slave markets and museums dedicated to African-American history.

Alpe d’Huez, France

One of the most famous cycle routes in the world the Alpe d’Huez plays host to the Tour de France and its 21 bends providing a challenge to the world’s best cyclists. The trail is only 9 miles long making it the shortest route on the list but also the most challenging. Slopes of a 7.9% gradient at a height of 3,670ft attract up to 1000 riders a day in the summer.

Otago Peninsula, New Zealand

This trail takes you through the stunning New Zealand countryside and is one of the most popular one-day rides in the country. The first half of the ride is deceptively laid-back whereas the second half proves to be a real challenge. The ride begins in the town of Dunedin and before long you’re out riding the open road. The route twists and turns along the coast before climbing high into the hills. Be prepared for steep climbs and rapid descents all the while enjoying the view.

San Juan Islands, Washington, USA

Taking the ferry from Seattle will take you to the peaceful islands of San Juan. The cycle routes see you ride through forests along the shoreline, past secluded coves and along quiet roads. To get away from the bustle of everyday life there are few routes that can top this one. The terrain is hilly but can be traversed in a day but you have ample time to watch the seals, otters and other aquatic wildlife, you may be especially lucky and even see a killer whale!

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