The Best British Pubs in France

Pubs are a British institution and going down the local to watch footie over a pint is one of the top ten things expats miss about home. If you’re one of the many who think singing the national anthem around a mouthful of pork scratchings and beer is beyond your reach, think again. Here’s our pick of the best British pubs in France.

The Bombardier

Latin Quarter, Paris
2 Place du Pantheon

The Bombardier is part if the John Bull Pub Company and a proper old fashioned English pub. It serves up a friendly atmosphere, gastro food, lashings of beer and a wide selection of Scotches, all in all highly recommended if you’ve been pining for fish and chips and good ale. Despite views facing the iconic Pantheon, The Bombardier oozes ‘Englishness’. Once inside you could be in London – albeit a French speaking London.

Finnegan’s Wake

Latin Quarter, Paris
9 Rue des Boulangers

Finnegan’s Wake was the first Irish pub in Paris, and it still holds a fantastic reputation. Within the 16th century building Guinness is drunk, ‘Danny Boy’ is sung, fancy dress nights are held and a good time is had by all. They have a big screen on which all major Irish matches are shown, and free Wifi so you can Skype your friends and really feel as if you’re back in the Emerald Isle. In Finnegan’s Wake they have a yearlong count-down to St Paddy’s day and trust me, when it comes you won’t want to be anywhere else!

The Auld Alliance Scottish Pub

80 rue Francois Miron

Do you like the feel of a sharp breeze and the sight of a heather covered moor? Do you think kilts offer a pleasant sense of freedom? Would you say bagpipes don’t just make ‘noise’? Do you like whiskey? If yes than The Auld Alliance is the pub for you. For the sports fan there are pool tables, darts boards and 8 television screens. They stock Scottish beers, like the award winning Caledonian 80, and serve over 100 pure malt whiskeys. This pub feels 100% Scottish and guarantees a grand auld time!

The Charles Dickens

9 Quai De La Douane

As you wonder through historic Bordeaux, The Charles Dickens is a fantastic British surprise and another offering from the John Bull Pub Company. With a traditional wood clad bar, games nights, sport geared televisions, English speaking staff and an exhaustive range of draught and bottled beer, it has enough to satisfy even the most hardened pub goer. Much of the beer on offer, like the unusual Double Chocolate Stout, comes from the Well’s & Young’s Brewery in Bedfordshire so you really are quenching your thirst for home.

The Frog & Rosbif

14 rue de L’Industrie

Although it might not be obvious from the name, The Frog & Rosbif is an English Pub and microbrewery in the centre of Toulouse. In fact, it was the first English Pub to be opened in the ‘Ville Rose’. Unfortunately you won’t get a pint of original stout as they mainly stock their own brand beer, including Ginger Twist and Frog Natural Blonde, but these are well worth a try. Although The Frog & Rosbif doesn’t serve food, neighbouring restaurants are more than happy for you to eat their meals in British comfort.

If you aren’t coming home for the Olympics but want to watch it in a place filled with British pride these are some excellent options!

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