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Moving abroad is always a scary prospect. You may not know the local language or the area and you may get confused about things in your new home. Technology could be your saviour. With the creation of I phones and easy access to the internet you now have the world at your fingertips. This article aims to show you the best online technology and apps that will help you in your new country.


Twitter is the obvious tool to use for anyone wanting to know the latest gossip or news, straight from the fingertips of journalists and experts. Twitter allows you to keep track of information in real time and allows you to choose what information you want to follow. There is a strong Expat community on the site which is useful for learning the latest news from the community.

This app can be downloaded from:!/download

Google Goggles

Google Goggles is a downloadable image recognition app for mobile phones. By simply taking a picture of the object or a barcode this extremely useful app can identify millions of different objects. Moving to a different country means that you are highly likely to encounter objects or places that you do not recognise, this app will help you learn. Google is planning to make the system able to recognize different plants and leaves, which can aid curious people, those wishing to avoid toxic plants, and botanists and environmentalists searching for rare plants.

This app can be downloaded from:


The Viber app allows you to make calls and texts for free to anyone else who has the app, which is extremely useful for an Expat who often needs to make international phone calls. A useful feature of the app is that if you try to place a Viber call to a user who doesn’t yet have Viber, you will receive a warning message that the call is going to be placed as a regular paid call, or you can choose to invite the contact.

This app can be downloaded from:


This app allows you to listen to virtually every radio station on the planet in real time. You could be in Australia having a relaxing evening and be listening to a British radio stations morning show. This app is great if you’re feeling a little bit homesick and want a taste of home.

This app can be downloaded from:


This app allows you to search for health professionals and centres by name, city and post code. This is useful for finding the best local health care in your chosen region and the app even has patient reviews of many of the doctors and hospitals. You can also keep a contact list of your favourites.

This app can be downloaded from:

XE Currency

This app is already very popular in the expat community and is rated as the best currency application on the market. It allows you to check the exchange markets in real time and allows you to make multiple super fast conversions.

This app can be downloaded from:

Google Translate

Google Translate is the closest thing we currently have to a universal translator as seen in the sci-fi show star trek. It currently recognises over 50 languages and allows you to translate any spoken word into the language of your choice. This app will come in handy for those Expats living in France and Spain.

This app can be downloaded from:

Sit or Squat

This app is very useful if you’re out and about and get caught short. The app uses a database of over 65,000 toilets to show you were the nearest loo is and whether it’s free or not. All you have to do, is enter the street your on, and the app will find you the nearest toilet in the area.

This app can be downloaded from the iTunes store.

Lingolook Flashcards

The Lingolook app contains a list of flashcards made up of 500 words that are useful to travellers. The cards are available in eight languages; Spanish, French, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi and German.

This app can be downloaded from:

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