Ten of the world’s best beaches (Part One)

It’s April, the start of spring in the UK, and yet it is ridiculously cold. It’s little surprise then that many Brits are looking enviously to warmer climes. The country experienced one of the coldest Marchs’s on record and with things not expected to heat up until May many are taking off abroad. Just to rub salt into the frostbite further we take a look at just some of the world’s best and most famous beaches.

1.       Venice Beach, USA

Orange County USA is full of beautiful beaches but by far the most famous beach in the US has to be Venice Beach. No trip to the city of angels is complete without taking a beachfront stroll along its famous promenade. You’re guaranteed to see a plethora of surreal and whacky sites as you walk with fortune tellers, artists, body builders all extra distractions. If you hang around the basketball courts in Venice you may just spot a future superstar of the NBA.

2.       Kaiteriteri, New Zealand

Located not far from the Abel Tasman national Park this beach is known for its beautiful golden sands and clear blue-green water. It’s also the sunniest place in the whole of New Zealand so it’s perfect for sunbathers. The place is perfect for anyone wanting to get away from it all. The local area is full of hiking trails, places to go kayaking and it’s often possible to rent out a private beach house if you want to stay a few days. Also, make sure to bring a camera as penguins, dolphins and seals are regular sights.

3.       Hanalei Bay, Hawaii, USA

Located on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, Hanalei Bay is one of the most picturesque beaches in the world. It’s also a surfer and body boarder’s dream location, the waves are large and with a reef it provides a spectacular surfing playground. For those that just like to swim the water is calm next to the long pier that juts out into the warm Pacific waters. Hanalei can be a tempestuous mistress. Storms and poor weather will turn the strip into a formidable beast, with choppy ocean conditions and beach run-off that’s best avoided.

4.       Sun Island, Maldives

Often regarded as the world’s best beach and nicknamed the diamond of the Indian Ocean, Sun Island has become a popular destination for the wealthy. Uniquely the island’s accommodation is comprised of luxury bungalows built upon stilts in the water allowing you to literally sleep over water. The nearby coral reefs attract thousands of tropical fish making it a perfect destination for snorkelers and scuba divers. The water is said to be so clear that you can even see the reef all the way from the beach.

5.       Tulum, Mexico

There are not many places in the world where you can swim in the warm ocean in the shadow of an ancient Mayan ruin. Tulum is most famous for the Mayan ruin that stands proudly on the edge of a sheer cliff overlooking the white powder sands and clear jade waters of the beach below. Tulum is one of the biggest Mayan tourist attractions in South America and offers fantastic diving for snorkelers and scuba diving.


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