Survey shows why expats hate the UK


Survey shows why expats hate the UK

A survey conducted by has highlighted the worst things about life in the UK according to expats living in the country, with the infamous weather coming top of the list of things expats dislike.

A large minority (up to a third) of those expats surveyed said that they weren’t overly fond of the British people or the country which is odd as why would anyone move to a place they didn’t like? Up to 68% of those surveyed however said that they did like living in the country.

After the weather, the drinking culture was the next biggest bugbear – disliked by half of expats. This was followed by sarcasm – listed by almost a third. Meanwhile a fifth said they hated British food.

Liam Clifford, from said: “The majority of nationalities have stereotypes fitted around them and Brits don’t escape this. With our imperialist past, Brits have influenced many countries worldwide, which mean our stereotypes are, if anything, more entrenched than those of other countries. People probably come here with a stereotype-based preconception of what to expect.”

The survey highlighted that a third of expats living in the UK did not like British culture and more than a fifth said that they hated British cuisine. 23% said that they didn’t like British people!

What do you think? Is Britain a welcoming, attractive, nation to live in, or are is it rightfully criticised for the drinking culture and our weather? Let us know via the forum, Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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