Spanish food

Here’s our look at some of the top Spanish eats and treats!


This firm Spanish favourite just had to top the list. Paella originated in the fields of Valencia, but is now made not only in every region of Spain, but the world over. It combines some of the best produce Spain has to offer; fresh seafood, chorizo, calasparra rice etc. There is no definitive recipe for paella. Some cooks will include pork or chicken, others might chuck in peppers or peas… there are literally dozens of variations on the dish. No matter how many times you may have tried it before, nothing beats Paella eaten the way it was intended – Shared between friends in the Spanish sun with a jug of Sangria.


These traditional Spanish crumble cakes are little bites of bliss. Similar to the French Madeleine, Mantecados are light and delicate, with a melt in your mouth texture. Just yum.


Tapas are small savoury dishes, usually served in combination, often with a drink at the bar, and Spain is universally known for them. Although the kind of tapas on offer can vary significantly from region to region, there are several preparation methods (such as pickling, curing, marinating, smoking and frying) which will always be evident. Some popular dishes include patatas bravas, Calamari, fish/chicken croquettes and mixtures of olives.


Essential for washing down all those Tapas. Sangria is basically a fruit based wine punch, traditionally made with red wine and fresh fruit topped up with carbonated or citrus flavoured water. Adding a chug of orange juice or a splash of brandy are other variations on the mix. Pretty much every bar in Spain serves this highly drinkable tipple; it’s perfect to accompany a lazy lunch on a sunny afternoon.

Cochinillo Asado

This is just one big juicy meat feast. The tender of heart might feel a little bad about eating suckling pig, even if it is roasted to perfection, but for meat lovers everywhere it really is a must try.

Pulpo a la Gallega

This dish translates as Galician Octopus and is, unsurprisingly, the signature dish of Galicia. After being boiled the octopus is garnished with rock salt, olive oil, and Spanish paprika. Don’t be put off by the tentacles; it tastes nicer than it looks!

Gambas Pil-Pil

Okay, this prawn dish is usually served as tapas but it’s so good it deserves a special mention. With characteristic Spanish simplicity, just prawns, oil, garlic and chilli are needed to create this sizzling dish. If you order Gambas Pil-Pil order a side of bread to mop up the sauce!

Crema Catalana

You may know this pudding of cold custard with a crispy caramel coating as Crème Caramel, but the Spanish version originated in Catalan and is sometimes infused with orange or saffron. It’s creamy, but as it’s served chilled it can be surprisingly refreshing.