Spanish culture

It has often been said that there is not just one Spain, but many. Despite a relaxed lifestyle which extends nationwide, Spain is made up of fantastically diverse regions which all boast particular traditions, cultures and cuisines. Some regions even have their own language, although the official Spanish language is Castillian.

Due to the wide reaching Spanish empire of the Early-Modern period, Castillian Spanish is spoken in more countries than any other language. It’s the native tongue of 400 million people!

The population of Spain is around 46 million, 6 million of which live in Madrid – the 3rd largest city in Europe and Spain’s capital.

Spain is culturally diverse and has a rich, exciting history which draws tourists and expats alike. Art and architecture have thrived in Spain, and this can be seen particularly in Barcelona.

Spain has a stunning coastline exposed to the Atlantic Ocean, whilst the Spanish Med is a hugely popular holiday and relocation destination.

With good weather, beautiful beaches and a laid-back atmosphere, Spain attracts thousands of expats every year.