South Sudan Cutting Number of Expat Employment Opportunities


South Sudan Cutting Number of Expat Employment Opportunities

South Sudan might be one of the world’s poorest nations, and its populace might be suffering from a critical health situation, but it is estimated that roughly 100,000 foreign workers are currently employed in the struggling nation, occupying positions in both foreign firms and aid groups.

Foreign workers have also been snapping up less skilled employments, but with local unemployment high and rising, the South Sudanese Government is taking action.

In a recent speech President Salva Kirr stated: ‘We must create jobs for our people. By this I do not mean expanding the governmental sector, or creating artificial jobs through unnecessary projects.’

He also intimated that a bill for slashing immigration was being constructed by the Labour Ministry, and that supplying local children with a better education would remain a priority for the foreseeable future.

Kirr asserted: ‘Without well-educated young men and women, we will continue to rely on foreigners to bring us development. This is not why we fought so long for the freedom to control our own destiny. [...] We are a country with long land borders. Since the end of our war we have experienced massive inward immigration from all over the region. Some of this immigration is essential to our development as we badly need people with strong technical skills and experience to fill the gaps in our own workforce.’

But he then added: ‘We do not need foreigners to work as housekeepers, washerwomen, drivers, gardeners and shopkeepers. These jobs should be filled by our own people, who badly need work. Foreign firms, international organisations and NGOs must be obliged to employ South Sudanese in all jobs which do not require specialist skills that our work force cannot supply.’

Although decades of civil war have deterred investors in the past South Sudan is now trying to entice firms outside its essential oil sector in order to stimulate an economy in crisis.

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