Shockingly tasty Halloween Cocktails


Shockingly tasty Halloween Cocktails

Where ever you are in the world and however you plan on spending your Halloween, you may want to spice up your spooky celebration with some devilishly good cocktails.

We’ve trawled the darkest corners of internet mixology to bring you a frighteningly tempting menu, but make sure to drink in moderation – you don’t want a hangover haunting you on November 1st!

Dark Devil Martini

This smoky hued variation on the classic Martini is made using dark rum, and is finished with a black olive rather than the traditional green.


2oz Dark Rum

1/2oz Dry Vermouth

Black Olives to Garnish


Mix the rum and vermouth together then pour into a chilled martini glass and decorate with black olives.

The Brain

Squeamish folk might find this rather gory looking cocktail off-putting, but chilling presentation aside, this does drink surprisingly well!


1 ½oz Peach Schnapps

1 ½ oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

1 Dash Grenadine (or blackcurrant cordial)


Pour the peach schnapps into a tumbler and slowly add the Baileys. The Baileys should form a congealed looking brain-like shape in the schnapps (yummy). Add the splash of ‘blood’ (grenadine/blackcurrant cordial) and enjoy.

The Blood Sucker

This zesty, fruity and refreshing cocktail is simple to make, looks enticing and tastes delicious.


1 ½ oz White Rum

1 ½ oz Triple Sec

2 oz Pineapple Juice

1 Tbsp Raspberry Puree


Put ice in a shaker and pour the rum, triple sec and pineapple juice over the top. Shake well and pour into a long glass over ice. Drop blobs of the raspberry puree into the drink using the end of a straw and serve.

Cemetery Punch (non-alcoholic)

This spooky version of the ice-cream float is perfect for little ghouls and goblins, and as it makes a punch bowl full there should be plenty to go around.


1 1/5 Litres of Coke (diet if preferred)

1 Bag Jelly Worms (or jelly bugs/eyeballs etc)

5 Scoops Vanilla Ice-cream (or I-scream if you prefer)

5 Scoops Chocolate Ice-cream


A few hours before the punch is needed, take the jelly worms (bugs etc) and arrange in ice cube trays. Top up the trays with coke so that when the coke is frozen the worms will be inside/hanging out of the cubes.

Take a chilled punchbowl and fill the bottom of the bowl with the scoops of ice-cream. Carefully pour the coke over the top. A reaction will occur instantly and the mixture will start to look muddy and slimy.

Float the jelly worm ice cubes over the top and serve to your little monsters.

All of us here at The Expat Hub wish you a horrifying (yet safe) Halloween.

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