Russia relaxes immigration laws to entice foreign talent


Russia relaxes immigration laws to entice foreign talent

Russia is not normally a nation on most expats radar, but that could be about to change after the Russian government announced that it will be relaxing the nation’s immigration laws later this month.

The world’s largest country is keen to attract international talent but has the reputation of being something of a bureaucratic nightmare that puts off many potential expats from moving there.

The Russian Federal Migration Service (FMS) is set to implement changes that will make it a lot easier for wealthy investors to relocate to the country by introducing an investment visitor visa that will be valid for five years. The wealthiest expats ill also no longer have to wait for an invitation letter from the FMS but instead will be able to apply directly to a Russian embassy for the investment Visa.

Less well off expats will also be able to benefit from the changes as the FSM announced that the current Russian temporary residency visa, which currently runs for tree ears will now be the first stage to getting a five-year permanent residency Visa.

The FMS said: “The changes are being introduced to help meet Russia’s skilled migration and foreign labour needs. “Those businesses which are looking at undertaking assignments in Russia should also prepare for further changes as further new immigration laws will be introduced.”

Another new proposal by the FSM is that they will be introducing a strict rule change that will require all foreigners to register with Russia’s tax authorities within three days of landing n the country.

So if living in the vast nation of mother Russia sounds appealing now is the ideal time to apply to live there.

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