Retirement in Canada

With a low cost of living, a laid back environment and a host of outdoor and indoor activities on offer Canada is becoming increasingly popular with retiring expats. Due to the sheer size of Canada, retirees also get the choice of settling in a wide variety of landscapes.

Living Expenses

Compared with other developed countries the general cost of living in Canada is low, although this can vary regionally. As a nation Canada consistently manages to strike a good balance between cost of living and life quality. In the Human Development Report Commissioned by the United Nations Development Program Canada frequently features in the top ten places to live. Often food, both bought in and enjoyed out, is less expensive than in Britain, and housing is also comparatively cheap. Car insurance is one of the few high expenses in Canada.


Life expectancy in Canada is roughly 81 years and healthcare is both readily available and of a high standard. As the healthcare system is funded by resident taxes a newly landed migrant might have to pay for private health cover for the first three months of their stay. It is the responsibility of the provincial government to run the healthcare system but the federal government does also contribute funds. Despite the overall high standard of healthcare in Canada waiting lists can be fairly long. As private health care insurance is reasonably priced, and much cheaper than in the U.S, expat retirees may find it beneficial to take out private cover as well.


The most readily available housing in Canada is single detached homes. They currently account for over half Canada’s property. As housing in Canada is comparatively affordable many expats find that they are able to use the funds from the sale of their old home to purchase one in Canada outright, without needing a mortgage. However, with a heavily regulated rental market, renting accommodation is also relatively straightforward and reasonably priced.

Social and political climate

By and large Canada is a very safe country and is able to offer expats a secure environment. Gun control laws are very strict and crime levels are relatively low. Canada is a neutral nation and is not currently engaged in wars with any other country.


As Canada is such a vast and varied land it is essential for it to have a good, reliable and quick transportation system. As well as high-quality roads Canada also boasts a highly efficient bus network which moves passengers across the country.