Retiring to Australia

Retirement in Australia offers expats a high quality of life and an opportunity to enjoy their retirement in a spacious, pollution-free environment that has an abundance of natural resources and beauty hot spots. In addition to its well-developed infrastructure, Australia’s moderate winters have made it an increasingly popular destination for those retirees from abroad who seek warm, pleasant climates.

Living Expenses

Australia has some of the least expensive cities in the world in which to live. As with every other country in the world, there is a variation in the cost of living from city to city. The cities which frequently appear as offering a low cost of living comparative to the quality of life on offer are Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne.


Life expectancy in Australia is high and the health and social care facilities on offer are of a very good quality. However, retirees should always bear in mind the fact that they will not be entitled to any government or medical benefits during their retirement in Australia and will need to secure their own fully-comprehensive insurance policy from an Australian company.


The Australian residential market is primarily focused on renting as opposed to sales and because of the lack of competition for properties that are for sale, purchasing a property can often acts as a useful economical entry point for people who are looking to retire in Australia. However, it is important to note that the housing market in Australia does not typically offer buyers a good return and for this reason only people who are looking to stay in the country for a long time should consider purchasing during their retirement in Australia.

Typically the further a property is away from a large city or town, the cheaper it will be. Rents and purchase prices tend to be highest in Sydney, Melbourne and Darwin.

Social and political climate

Australia is regarded as having a very low risk of political instability and it ranked first in the world for political stability in the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2012.

Australia has a low crime rate and is a relatively safe country. However, as with most destinations, retirees should act with caution, especially when out in the city at night. Homes and cars should be kept secured when unoccupied.


Australia has a highly developed and sophisticated infrastructure and the standard of communications, transportation and public services on offer here is on par to that available in other developed nations.