Relolink is the International Relocation Management Division of UK-based destination services provider, The Relocation Consultancy Limited (TRC). TRC provide a variety of destination services for individuals and their families moving into the UK, including area orientations, accompanied property and school finding services, and, tenancy advice and management. They also work closely with other respected businesses to seamlessly offer a wide variety of additional services. Via Relolink, TRC are now able to support those moving from the UK to destinations Worldwide, via a network of business alliances.

The core aim of Relolink is to simplify processes for UK Client Companies that wish to send staff on assignment to offices based outside of the UK. We provide ‘relocation management services’, liaising on your behalf with a selection of invited service providers across the globe. This means you will only ever have to deal with one contact, one language and one time-zone.

Through Relolink, we give you access to some of the most highly regarded local destination providers Worldwide, chosen because they already adhere to the highest standards of service. In addition to this, membership of Relolink requires that these service providers follow a set of key performance indicators and best practice guidelines. To ensure service levels are maintained at the highest levels, their performance is also monitored via Relolink’s ‘International Relocation Survey’, which assignees are requested to complete after their move. Furthermore, to ensure consistency of services worldwide, we have created a selection of six ‘easy-buy’ packages at preferential rates, which every Relolink member provides, no matter what country they are in. These cover the most commonly required services – area orientations, accompanied rental viewings and support securing school places.

We can already assist with moves to a wide range of destinations Worldwide and are adding destinations all the time – the current offering can be viewed at Additionally, if there is a particular location that you need to mobilise staff to that isn’t already listed there, suitable providers can be sourced.

To complement this exemplary destination services offering, we have also joined forces with providers of other crucial services, such as furniture removals/storage, visas, HR services and cultural training, all of which can be integrated fully into the relocation process. Together, we will ensure that your staff, their families, and your company achieve the best value for money with minimum stress, inconvenience and disruption.

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