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Portuguese sports

Portugal is famous for producing some of the world’s best athletes and sports teams, from the mighty football squad of sporting Lisbon and legendary footballer Luis Figo, Portugal has a very proud sporting heritage. We look at the most popular sports in the country.


The Portuguese love their sport but to them football is more like a way of life. It’s by far the country’s most popular sport but to many Portuguese the nation has yet to win any major tournaments despite being the home nation of Christiano Ronaldo.

Portugal is home to the Primeira liga where the dominating teams are Benfica, Porto and Sporting Clube de Portugal.


Whilst not as popular in Portugal as in its neighbouring country, basketball sees a relatively big following from sports fans. The Portuguese basketball league sees twelve teams from all over the country compete for the title. The Portuguese side regularly participates in the European championships and fielded a team at the Olympic Games where they lost 68-83 against Team GB.

Roller Hockey

Roller Hockey is a team sport that enjoys significant popularity in the Latin countries and Portugal is no exception. Portugal has won the world championships 15 times! Roller Hockey is a very fast sport that sees two five-man teams’ tries to drive the ball with their sticks into the opposition goal. It’s basically regular hockey but with roller skates and some pretty brutal challenges. Portugal boasts some of the most prestigious club teams in the world with Benfica, FC Porto, OC Barcelos and Sporting CP dominating the sport. 2013 will see a world cup being held in Angola, the first time the sport has been held in Africa.