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Portuguese language

Whilst we can’t teach you Portuguese we can provide you with a few common words and phrases that are essential to survive living in the country.  If you don’t speak Portuguese, it’s best to enrol in a course at a local language school, preferably before arriving in Portugal. If you’re working in Portugal you will usually have little choice about learning Portuguese, retirees will not need to be fluent but it will help to fit in if you can!

Like in French some words have both a masculine and feminine way of saying them. As a female you will tend to add an extra e or a. Portuguese is also the main language in a number of countries including Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and East Timor. Over 210 million people speak the language making it the eight most spoken language in the world.

These translations are from English to Portuguese.

Essential phrases

Good morning: Bom dia.

Good afternoon: Boa tarde.

Good evening: Noite boa.

Hello, my name is: Hello, meu nome.

What is your name?: Que e seu nome?

How are you?: Como e voce?

I am fine: Eu sou muito bem.

Nice to meet you: Nice para encontrar-se com o.

Goodbye: Adeus.

See you later: Ve-lo mais tarde.

I am lost. Where is the restroom?: Eu sou perdido. Onde esta o banheiro.

Excuse me: Desculpar-me.

Please: Por favor.

Thank you: Obrigado.

I’m sorry: Eu sou pesaroso.

You are welcome: Voce e bem-vindo.

How much does it cost?: Quanto custa?

How many are there?:  Quanto ha?

There are many: Ha muitos.

Will you buy this?: Voce comprara este?

I don’t speak Portuguese: Eu não falo Português.

What time is it?: Que hora e ele?

Yes: Sim.

No: Nao.

I do not understand: Eu nao compreendo.

Would you speak slower please: Voce falaria mais lento, por favor.

Who?: Quem?

Why?: Por que?