Most Popular Destinations for Studying Abroad – Part Two


Most Popular Destinations for Studying Abroad – Part Two

In Part One of our look at popular destinations for studying overseas we pointed out that expanding your mind in a foreign environment can help you feel uplifted, refreshed and encourage you to approach things in an entirely different way.

Although picking the best destination for studying overseas comes down entirely to personal preference – depending on what you want to study, what kind of climate you enjoy and what kind of experience you’re hoping to have – there are some nations which attract a higher number of foreign students than others, and it’s these regions we’re providing a little introduction to.

In Part One we looked at the USA, Australia the UK and Italy. In Part Two we’ll be focusing on China, Canada, Germany and France.


There’s no doubting that China is a global superpower with an ever-expanding reach and influence. The nation also has a rich and varied history, distinctive culture, unique cuisine and a strong work ethic. People opting to relocate to China for university or collage often take advantage of the nation’s reputation for exemplary financial services, economics and business studies.

Furthermore, Mandarin is becoming one of the most sought-after second languages in the business world. If you use your time in China to help you become fluent in Mandarin you’ll really stand out from the crowd once you graduate.


Canada has developed a reputation among international students for offering affordable, high-quality education with transferable qualifications, an exciting student lifestyle and a range of innovative research opportunities in inspiring natural surroundings. Canada also frequently ranks in the top-ten of the world’s best places to live with above-average life expectancy, good healthcare, low crime rates and a high standard of living.


Germany has a great party scene, produces some of the best beer in the world and is home to the legendary Oktoberfest. But even if you’re not that interested in the extracurricular activities on offer, the educational opportunities are varied and some of the world’s most renowned engineering programmes are run out of Germany.  Internships with major corporations like Volkwagen are also an option there. Something to bear in mind however is that although English is taught as a second language in Germany, if you chose to study there you’ll get a lot more out of the experience if you speak the language. Furthermore, as Germany has the largest economy in Europe and is responsible for much of the continent’s policy direction, some knowledge of the German language could prove useful in later life.


Studying in France would give you the chance to learn a useful language skill, absorb French culture, soak up Parisian style and eat an awful lot of incredible patisserie – what’s not to love? France is also renowned for its high quality engineering schools, its tradition of research and technological/scientific innovations. Other plus points in favour of France include the juxtaposition between its sedate villages and cosmopolitan cities and its good transport links.

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