Most Popular Destinations for Studying Abroad – Part One


Most Popular Destinations for Studying Abroad – Part One

After spending years in the same education system, studying overseas can not only provide a welcome and exciting break but can help to revitalise your mind, expand the reach of your connections and broaden your cultural horizons.

Of course, what institution you chose to study at depends on what subject you want to study, what environment you want to explore and what you want to get out of your time overseas. Different colleges and universities also have varying policies when it comes to international students, so it’s important to do thorough research before you set your heart on a particular school.

You may have a destination in mind, but if you’ve only just started considering the option of studying overseas you might find our brief look at popular overseas study locations useful!


The USA is huge, super huge, and home to pretty much every climate and geographical landscape you could think of. Consequently, you’ll be spoilt for choice when considering potential States to study in. The USA is also home to some of the world’s most famous universities, and offers a sorority/frat house experience you simply can’t get in Europe. Furthermore, the USA is great value for money when it comes to things like eating out and public transport – although European students may find it odd that they won’t be able to drink legally if they’re under the age of 21! A downside to the US is the cost of healthcare, as mandatory international student health insurance (which is a requirement at many institutions) is very pricy.


If you love an outdoor lifestyle, concentrate better in a more temperate climate and want to be part of an emerging creative scene, Australia could be the nation for you. Melbourne is known for its artistic vibe and inspirational energy, while Sydney offers a range of interesting business opportunities and Perth boasts some world-famous education institutions. Australia is known for its inclusivity and multicultural populace, so it’s a great place to meet new people and forge international connections. And, if English is your first language, there won’t be a language barrier to get round.


Yes, it has been known to rain in the UK on occasion. But as anyone who’s been to the nation knows, there’s so much more to Britain than bad weather, funny accents and tea. The UK is known for its great university cities – not just the obvious Oxford and Cambridge, but London, York, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. Living costs might be comparatively high in some areas, but the UK is both rich in history and modern in its multiculturalism and liberal student lifestyle.


If you’re looking to really immerse yourself in a different culture and enjoy iconic cuisine, beautiful weather and a whole new approach to life, Italy is one of the best European nation’s you could chose to study in. Every city is steeped in tradition and has its own food culture and festivals to excite and energise you. Constant exposure to local people will also help you learn Italian, a real boon if you hope to return to Italy for work in the future.

In part two of our look at the most popular destinations for overseas study we’ll be exploring Spain, Canada, France and Germany!

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