Poms in Paradise?


Poms in Paradise?

Schepens Local and Worldwide Moving Specialists got in touch with us recently to ask if we’d like to feature their Poms in Paradise infographic on our blog.

As it’s pretty jazzy and looks at whether Brit expats living in Oz are better off staying there or moving home, we were more than happy to present their findings to our lovely readers.

While crediting Neighbours with inspiring the British fascination with the Australian way of life, the study offers interesting information regarding the amount and distribution of UK expats in Australia as well as highlighting the growing number of UK expats choosing to leave OZ permanently.

According to the data, in an overall Australian population of 23 million, UK expats account for 1.2 million, with the number of Brits moving Down Under increasing by 16,000 a year between 1991 and 2009.

However, while the amount of Brits moving to OZ may be rising, the number opting to return home for good is also on the up, with over a third returning earlier than anticipated as a result of financial concerns.

So although Australia has weathered the global economic crisis better than the UK, with stronger growth and lower unemployment predicted for 2013, it seems the grass might not be as green as many expats expect.

In the Standard of Living section of the study the UK is shown to offer better value when it comes to drinks like coke and beer, while petrol and clothing is cheaper in Oz.

Other factors in Australia’s favour include a substantially higher average annual wage and a higher life expectancy for men. But the UK beat its South Pacific cousin when it comes to average broadband speed, number of national holidays and average A&E waiting time.

Unsurprisingly, Australian weather came up trumps, with the UK offering lower average temperatures and almost half the amount of sunny days.

Australia also topped the Better Life Index, earning the distinction of being the happiest developed nation for three consecutive years. The UK came in tenth on the same list.

With a final score of Australia = 10, UK = 7 this infographic demonstrates that despite the number of UK expats opting to return home, Australia does offer a higher standard of living across the board.

What do you think?

Have you experienced living in Australia and the UK? Which country do you think offers the better way of life?

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