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Petair UK is a specialist international pet travel agent. We don’t just happen to fly pets, we only fly pets! Petair UK has the added bonus that it is run by vets and is set up like a regular veterinary practice but our speciality is the preparation and export of pets all over the world. We have a high proportion of veterinary qualified people – both vets and vet nurses, which gives you unrivalled access to a caring team of people who can solve pretty most pet shipping related problems should they arise.

Petair UK can offer our clients (2 legged and 4) a flight ticket and routing for the pets with us helping out the owners and vets along the way or we can offer the most full service available from any pet shipper in UK to include pre travel blood sample, import permit, export permits, collection from anywhere in UK, travel crates, quarantine booking, internal flights in Australia, boarding in our kennels or cattery and even collection from destination airports and onward travel to your new home. We have grown and are now the largest UK shipper of pets to Australia because we ask our clients what they want and what works best for their pets and then we deliver that.

Pet travel is often much more stressful for the human family members than it is for the pets. The pets have a flat bed and (if flying with Petair UK) soft, warm sheepskin like bedding to keep them as dry as possible for the duration of the journey. We spray all our crates with a pheromone spray to try to keep the pets as calm as possible. Sedatives are not allowed as they can be detrimental to the pets’ health due to the air pressure changes. They don’t know they are on a plane, they don’t know they are in a foreign land and they don’t know they are thousands of feet in the air. The hold where they fly is air conditioned and pressurised and is best described as like the compartment where the humans fly but dimly lit which helps the pets to settle. Countries like Australia and New Zealand have post entry quarantine, so the pets are collected from the airport and taken to quarantine. For other countries like USA, Canada and many other destinations around the world the pets can be collected directly from the airport and come straight home with their owners.

We offer free quotes and then you can tailor make the service we offer to suit what is best to you and your pets. We have flown old pets, young pets, diabetic pets and epileptic pets so if you would like to take your pets abroad then please do contact us and we can certainly help you.

Contact Number: 01725551124

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