Wedding on a budget? Get married abroad!

On a budget?  Get married abroad

There are many reasons to get married abroad- gorgeous and reliable sunny weather, spectacular venues, all of the luxury of a holiday resort and then there is the cost. Experts estimate that by having a wedding abroad the average Brit can save thousands of pounds by marrying overseas.

Here are the Expathub’s top tips for planning your dream wedding abroad;


Before you take the plunge and make a firm decision on your dream location make sure that you do plenty of research. You don’t want to end up getting married in a country that is experiencing civil unrest or recovering from a disaster. Check the news and be aware of that nation’s recent history. All too often wedding parties have been stranded in places like Thailand or more recently Egypt because of revolutions or coups! Also, think about what’s important to you and your guests, for example if there will be a number of children coming, you may require additional facilities.

Get a wedding planner

A wedding planner is a must if you are planning to tie the knot overseas. You should try and find one that is already in the country of your choice. They will know the local area and the best wedding venues. They will also help to organise the necessary legal documentation needed both before and after the ceremony. They should also be able to speak the local language and sort out any problems that can occur. Professional wedding planners also know the best ways to keep the costs of your big day from spiralling out of control. Be aware that a wedding planner often requires a few months notice before your big day.

Beware hidden expenses

Whilst looking for a suitable company to go with is sure it has clear wedding packages listed. Know exactly what you are paying for, after all you don’t want your big day ruined by a massive bill waiting for you when you get home.


Ensure you get some insurance, ideally a policy that covers you best and pay the premium, if you’re not covered then disaster could be lurking just around the corner.

Embrace the culture

If you’re getting married abroad then why not partake in some of the local areas customs! Regional music or food could make your wedding one unique and lead to it being remembered by friends and family for years to come.  Speak to you local wedding planner, who will help inspire you with some options.


You shouldn’t let the needs of your guests worry you too much unless they are close relations that you really want to attend the ceremony. Give the others the date, time and location of the ceremony as well as suggestions for places to stay. If you’re nearest and dearest do decide to celebrate with you, you can often benefit from group packages or additional gifts.

Is it legal?

Often the most daunting and complex thing about getting married abroad is all the different legalities for getting married in another country. A weddings abroad company can remove this stress by doing all the hard work for you. They can tell you exactly what documents you will need, what to get signed and where to send them too


The average cost of a wedding overseas is a lot cheaper than having one in the UK. In some places such as the Greek island of Corfu you save up to a third. The average cost of a wedding abroad is around £7k-£8k, including all the essentials like the dress and the cake. Your money stretches further. It means you can still have good quality guest favours, flowers and transport!


Another big advantage of having a wedding abroad is that you are already in a holiday destination. Make sure to book some memorable trips such as swimming with dolphins, a cruise or sightseeing, the possibilities are endless.

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