Live in Spain but work in the UK

With the advent of modern technology such as the internet, satellite phones and Skype, interacting with people from all over across the globe has never been easier. An option that is becoming ever more popular for expats is the ability to work in the UK and remain living in Spain.

There have never been so many opportunities for jobs online and many businesses are now waking up to the possibilities. People working via the internet are able to have highly flexible working hours with no need to even enter the office. Laptops and other mobile technology allow you to have meetings, write your spreadsheets and close deals all from the comfort of your home or even the beach.

If you do have to travel to the office in the UK, air travel is relatively cheap and with daily flights only taking two hours it is an easy way to work hard in the UK, then take it easy in Spain. According to the Future Forum report carried out by Thompson by 2016 there will be as many as 1.5 million expat commuters into the UK.

The main advantages listed by expats working in the UK are that they don’t have to learn the language (even though it is recommended), a more relaxed way of life and that they avoid the hectic traffic jams often found in UK cities.

With the high cost of housing in the UK many young people are starting to see the advantages of international commuting. Properties are a lot cheaper than those found in the UK making Spain an ideal place to get your foot on the property ladder.

Although international commuting and working online have their advantages it may not be suitable for everyone. Only those who don’t mind instability and the regular flights should consider this option.

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