Introduction to China

China is an unbelievably vast and varied land with a long, complex history and strong cultural heritage. As well being the world’s oldest continuous civilization China is becoming ever more important in the modern world, particularly when it comes to economic, political and cultural concerns.

China is the world’s most populated country with over 50 different nationalities living within its borders. It’s also the third largest country in the world behind Canada and the USSR with a land mass which includes more than 5000 islands.

The sheer size of China means that it contains some pretty big features. It’s home to the world’s highest mountain Qomolangma Feng (Mount Everest) as well as two of the world’s largest deserts (the Taklamakan and the Gobi) and two of the world’s longest rivers (the Yangzi and the Yellow River).

There are five autonomous regions in China as well as twenty-two provinces and the Chinese capital Beijing has a population of over 11 million.

The climate is incredibly varied with winter temperatures fluctuating from as low as -30 degrees C in the North to 15 degrees C in the South.

The country is also well known for its stunning aesthetic achievements with ink-work, fabrics and ceramics.