International schools (Canada)

International schools (Canada)

Uprooting your children is just one of the dilemmas a potential expat parent faces when making their decision to move abroad. You don’t want to give them a huge culture shock, and there is nothing more terrifying than starting at a new school, especially if you don’t even understand or speak the local language.

International schools avoid the difficulties you would have sending a child to a local one as many teach and speak in English. The other children are often expats too so your child will find it a lot easier to make friends and settle into their new home.

Canada is slightly different to other destinations as it has differing rules for expats depending on their VISA. If moving to the predominately French cities of Montreal or Quebec then your child will have to attend a French speaking school. Only if you are in possession of a temporary works permit or a recognised Canadian citizen will your child be able to attend an English speaking school.

We take a look at just some of the international schools in the countries listed in the Expat Hub country guides; this time we focus on Canada.

Ashbury College, Ottawa

Located in Ottawa the Ashbury College is one Canada’s leading independent schools for children in grades 4 to 12. The college boasts classes of just 17 students and has a 100% success rate for children wanting to get into university. The college is located on a 12-acre campus in Ottawa’s village of Rockcliffe Park. The grounds house plenty of modern accommodation blocks for boarding students as well as a top class gymnasium and theatre.

Ashbury has 170 boys and girls in the Junior School and 515 young men and women, 100 of which are boarding in the Senior School.

Fees: Canadian passport holder has the option for staggered payments whereas non-holders have to pay in full by May. Day fees total $20,200 (£12,565) for a term; yearly boarding fees cost $48,200 (£29,985).

Upper Canada College, Toronto

This all boy’s college is actually older than Canada itself, having been founded in 1829 during the days when Canada was a British colony. The college is based on Eton’s model and has links to the royal family making it one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Canada. Located on 40 acres of grounds in the centre of Toronto the college boasts impressive facilities including two ice rinks, a theatre and two huge libraries. Up to 1,130 boys attend the school on a daily basis with another 90 being permanent boarders.

Fees: Application fees range from $150-$300, (£93- £186) initial registration fees cost $8,500 (£5,294) for new day students, $5,000 (£3,114) for new boarding students. Tuition fees range from $28,575 (£17,800) to $30,575 (£19,044) for day students in kindergarten and older year groups.  For boarders they range from $50,990 (£31761) to $52,990 (£33,005), international students have to pay from $54,490 (£33,939) to $56,490(£35,185)

St John’s international school, Vancouver

This school has nearly 500 students ranging from kindergarten to sixth form and prides itself on its 100% record for its graduates winning a place in one of Canada’s universities. The school offers its students the international baccalaureates programme for grades 6-10 and a diploma programme for years 11 and 12. The school has excellent sports facilities and the school fields teams in eight different sports.

Fees: The Application fee is $200 (£124.298), tuition fees for three terms is $14,400 (£8,951) student fees are $600 (£373), activity’s $600 (£373) and the deposit for text books comes to $200 (£124). Overall the cost of sending your child to St John’s costs $16,000 (£9,947).

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